My sexylicious life

What is a sexylicious life? Probably not what you are thinking. Sexylicious isn’t about sex appeal, rocking body parts or getting heated sexual attention from the opposite gender…

It’s about you being hot for your life. It’s about romancing yourself on a daily basis, making choices that cause your heart to beat with mad love and excitement, nearing the point where you think that sucker could explode. It’s about doing what makes you feel red hot and confident. It’s about decisions that support the real you and move you closer to achieving your goals. It’s about rocking whatever image you rock, with authentic and real energy. It’s about being utterly and completely attracted to yourself, in every aspect of your character.

This is the way I live my life. Or try to. I’m only human. Sometimes, I hit low moments too, when I don’t feel so sexy (like after eating waaay too much pizza and ice cream, trust me… with that much bloating and guilt, it’s hard to feel even close to alive and normal, let alone sexy). But it’s the way I aim to live. Be outrageously attracted to MY life, because hey, it’s my life. It only makes sense to be 100% in and engaged to each and every aspect of it.

It’s comparable to relationships and dating… you want to be with people that you are mentally, physically and spiritually attracted to. And if you aren’t, you usually don’t become involved with them. It would feel forced, fake or down right uncomfortable. The same goes for your everyday sexylicious life. Be attracted to every aspect of it, otherwise, what’s the point?

My hopes and goals for this blog vary. First, my need is to create an outlet for my own desire to write. That is numero uno… hands down the most important thing to me, in keeping up with my own sexylicious life. I have a desire, more often then I can control, to slam my fingers over my keyboard, and just write, write ,write. I’m attracted to it; I need to do it… so, I do. My life stays sexylicious when I do the things that really vibrate my soul and make me happy.  Hooray to writing!

Secondly, I want others to connect through this outlet. All too often people feel alone, as though they are battling something that no one else, in the history of life on earth, has EVER gone through. Really? You really think you’re the only one? That is so not true. We are all dealing with or have dealt with the same thing, in one form or another. Our heartaches are usually very similar, it’s just the names and places that differ. If you can find something on this site, which makes you feel connected, then chances are you are going to be more fired up to go live your own sexylicious life, more fearlessly. And that, my dear friend, is what it’s all about. The more sexylicious people out there, the better!

Lastly, Having this blog will be somewhat of a kick in the ass when I need a pick-me-upper. Whenever I’m having a blah day, I know I will feel a sense of responsibility to my self-proclaimed, sexylicious life and snap out of it. I’ll be accountable to the statement I am publically trying to make. I currently do a lot of work with in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community – Check out – so, I know first hand that putting yourself in the spotlight can be tough.  This blog should continue to keep my attitude in check, if I ever do feel like “Oh woe is me, I’m the victim with all these people watching me…” Nada! Snap out of it woman! Live your life for you, 100% everyday, no matter what adventure you are in and who claims to be watching.

They say that relationships take work to keep the romance alive… the same goes for your sexylicious life. Get out of your funk, turn off the tv, and hop your cookie-dough-ice cream-loving toushy up from the couch and start becoming totally attracted to your life! If you can’t love what’s happening in it right now, time to do the work and make the change. Timberlake isn’t the only one who can bring sexy back.

Right now, in this very second, you are utterly and completely sexylicious. You really are. I bet you don’t even know how far off the radar you are, when it comes to being one hot mama (or papa!) Strut your stuff, sugar. This life is yours. Claim it, tattoo your initials all over it, kiss it with your mouth open, and giddy up. Your sexylicious life awaits you.

VEGAS: My BFF Deirdre and I up all night and into the morning.

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