Green goodness anyone?


by Lil’ Dooogs

Say what? What the hell is a sexy dish you say? Well, in order to live your sexylicious life, you need to be fueling your body with something other than that crack sugar that is in your Starbucks cup, or that croissant you just shoved down your throat. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional coffee, and definitely am not the first one to turn down a chocolate croissant (I’m still human), but we all need to start making better choices when empowering our God Pod (as Kris Carr likes to call it).

Your God Pod, bodacious temple, amazing self, or whatever you choose to call your body, is where it all starts. When you can make a commitment to your health, you will start to feel better and really ignite your own sexylicious life. Take it from someone who has been there… you know, the “one more cookie”, until the entire bulk sized bag is gone and you are left with your wounded ego and bloated stomach. Mmm Hmm, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Right now you’re probably saying you don’t want to take advice from an ex cookie-addict. Well, that’s cool too. Never stop asking questions, exploring and finding your own sexylicous way. But the worst that can happen if you try something new, is  you don’t like it. But maybe you’ll love it. If you don’t like it my way- try out your own, change it, mould it and put your personalized mark on it. It’s all about the journey. Giddy-up.

Let’s start out with something simple. Simple, but oh-so good, and something I enjoy every single day, sometimes even twice…or three times. Smoothies. They are like gifts from heaven blended into a glass that will fine-tune your bodacious temple of Bod.

All you need is a blender, a few ingredients, and the willingness to quit the crack/sugar infused fake smoothies you see everywhere else around you. Here is one of my favs:

½ avocado

2 pieces of kale

2 inches of cucumber

1 beet

¾ inch of ginger- you can change this around, start with a little and work your way up. I LOVE ginger, and probably use more than average.

½ cup of frozen mixed berries

½ can of coconut water- skip the cans with the sugar added


I also sometimes add some SISU vitamin C powder. Just for kicks… ummm and vitamin C (obvi)

Blend until smoooooth. And if this doesn’t float your boat right away, try adding a bit more fruit or even ice cubes. Eventually you’ll be able to cut down on the fruit and ice altogether and have full blown vegetable smoothies. Your mouth will have an orgasm, and your body will thank you.

Curious as to how this sexy dish is good for you?

Avocados – don’t let the fatty rumors fool you. The fat in avocados help to keep the inflammation in our bodies under control. According to sexylicious Dr Lilli B. Link, inflammation in our bodies has a role in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, Alzeimer’s disease and high blood pressure. Holy crap! And she says the list could go on!

But with that being said, Avocados still have fat in them, so don’t go eating a tub of avocados a day, because you are trying to protect your body from inflammation. Use that sexylicious common sense of yours and keep it cool, no need to overdose on avo’s, cowgirl.

Okay enough of that rant. You know what else are considered anti-inflammatory foods? Kale, cucumber, beets and ginger! Looks like you’ve got yourself quite the power smoothie.

Alright, now get your sexylicious self to the grocery store and start blending your way to better health (and maybe even into smaller jeans…the possibilities are endless when you start taking care of your God Pod). And know that I will be applauding you, wherever you are, with my own Kale filled glass. Cheers. You’re a sexylicious superstar.

Megs has always had a love for good food. Some things never change… Each week she will be back to give us a new sexylicious sexy dish to try. Woo! Air five.


*** Want to learn more about inflammation? Check out this quick article:

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