30 before 30

Thirty things to do before my 30th birthday

I like to make lists. That’s just how I roll. I make lists for groceries, weekly workouts, budgets, things to do… pretty much everything. So, as New Years Eve 2011 started to roll around I got out my little day planner and pen and started listing all the things that I could possibly make my new years resolution. I didn’t want to flat out commit to anything just yet, heck no. I have a wee bit of fear when it comes to commitment. But I knew I wanted to do something. SO… the jot-note list began.

This is my last year in my 20’s. My 29th year. Whatever I do, it’s got to be incredible.

That’s right. January 2012, I turn 30.

Turning 30 doesn’t scare me… what freaks me out is wasting time and not completely enjoying the 20’s for all that they are worth. 20s represent youth, freedom, growth, self-definition, and fun adventures. I want to make sure I have fully taken advantage of that.

I decided that there would be no New Years resolution. Nope… this year, in honor of my sexylicious life, as well as always evolving, growing and romancing myself, I have created a list (wahoo! Lists!!) of 30 things to do before I turn 30.

It took me almost the entire month of January to come up with this list, and even once it was complete, I didn’t want to write it in stone. (Hello, slight commitment issues!) So, I made one rule. I would start with these 30 things, but as the year passed, if one item on the list no longer fired me up and made me excited to complete, I could remove and replace it with something that DID represent my sexylicious attitude of always living a life that I am attracted to. As long as there are 30 things to be done, that’s all that mattered.

As I wrote out my 30 before 30, I had to be somewhat realistic… I only have a year to work with. There is only so much time and funds to go around. I scribbled it out…. I added, I removed, I googled what other people did when they turned 30, I asked my friends and I asked my family. It took a lot of brainstorming. But I finally completed it in a way that should make for a pretty diverse, meaningful and exciting year. As I created this list, I also realized that up to this point of my life, I have already done a lot of really amazing things. Knowing this makes me smile with sexylicious gratitude.

I know you are dying to read what my 30 things are. You are aren’t you? Well, here it is… in no particular order…

1 – Go abroad… Paris or Rio… or both? * Who cares, I just want to travel. I love traveling. Nothing feeds your sexylicious soul and teaches you tons about yourself, quite like this sort of adventure. Paris and Rio are two places that I would love to go to this year, but any over seas trip will do.  

2 – Go back to college * I am really good at a few things. With a little academic muscle behind me, I could be really FABULOUS at these few things. Time to step up my game and get schooled.

3 – Get to my ideal weight * I’m pretty much fit. But I am also a typical Canadian female who wants to carry a little less junk in the trunk. As long as I stay healthy, I am happy. But I’m up for the challenge to take off a few pounds off.

4 – Go on a girl’s trip with my BFF * My best friend Deirdre is one of the most amazing women in my life. She inspires my sexylicious life… she is my soulmate, my better half, my sister from another mister. She and I have been saying we need to do a girl’s holiday, so it shall be done.

5 – Run another half marathon * Last time I ran a half marathon, I did it with a week’s notice/training. That is right, 21 KM run, with a weeks training. Who does that? Well, I do apparently. It’s safe to say that this athletic lady has  a bit of a competitive streak. Being a little unsexylicious a few years ago, when I caught wind that my exes new girlfriend was competing in a 10 KM run, my physco alarm went off (don’t worry fellas, since then I have disconnected that part of my brain and no long have those unsexy moments) and I felt like I needed to one up her. FML… never do that. Not only is it stupid to ever do something in order to get an exes attention (it didn’t work) but running 21km in a half marathon is one of the sure fire ways to make sure you cant walk for a good 48 hours. I was even a runner at this point in my life, but never had I ran that far in a few hours time. I want to do it again, but this time for ME and with proper training. This sexylicious goddess loves to sweat… so let’s get ‘er done!

6 – Suntan naked on a nude beach * I just want to be able to say I did this. Nudity is a cool thing. It doesn’t freak me out. And hey, if I’m rocking a sexylicious body, heck… why not? Plus, no tan lines 🙂

7 – Go back to Vegas * Vegas can be enjoyed many ways… one important way to enjoy to spend it is either when you are single, or when you are with your girls. Not that you need to go there and skank it up, but it’s just a lot of FUN. I need to go back this year.

8 – Pay off my credit card balance * Because it’s not sexylicious to owe ridiculous amounts of money on your credit card.

9 – Start writing my book * I love to write (ya think?) and I am determined to write a book and make the top spot on the best sellers list. I have to start somewhere, so this year I will work my ass off on making sure that dream comes full of life.

10 – Do a nude photo shoot *  Yes, this is on the list. The thing is, I will appreciate this when I am older. I am not talking a nude photo shoot to put all over the web, or to show off in a slutty Playboy kind of way. It will be classy and 100% for me. Who knows how long I will have a rocking body for. When I am old and grey, I know I will look back and be grateful that I appreciated my own beauty, in the simplest most natural form.

11 – Make out with a boy in another country *  This is always fun. I’ve done it before, and it is especially a good time if the boy has an accent.  Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed more than once. 🙂

12 – Marry myself * Listen, I have worked very hard at dissolving my own insecurities and becoming a “whole” person after my past relationships ended and I reviewed who I was at that point of my life. I am now at a point of comfort with who I am, and I know I will never go into a relationship again, feeling the need for the other person to complete me. I no longer think that am “unfinished” and “incomplete” until I meet the man of my dreams. Nope, I now know am happily whole, right here, right now. SO! With that being said, I plan on ‘marrying myself’  … to vow to the most important person in my life (ME) that I will never stop loving who I am, no matter my imperfections … to vow that I will always strive to romance and treat myself the way I deserve to be treated… and to vow that I will never abandon myself or what I stand for. Because, let’s be honest, if I can’t love myself whole, how can I ever expect someone else to?

NOTE: This marriage to myself doesn’t mean I am swearing off men. Heck no! I love men. So much. It just means, that I am making lifetime promises to myself, first.

13 – See the Grand Canyon * On one of my past Vegas trip, my BFF Deirdre, my cousin Robyn, one of my sisters Megan and I one day rented a car and proceeded to road trip to the Grand Canyon. Had we not gotten lost, we probably would have seen it. Who misses that Grand Canyon? Apparently, we do.

14 – Get and USE an RSP account * I have done this a few times in my 20’s… only to cash it out and go traveling. I really need to stop doing that. What can I say? I love to travel.

15 – Buy, and enjoy GUILT FREE an expensive, high quality bottle of wine * I love me some white wine. I could drink it every night if I wasn’t afraid of developing a serious health issues and a Buddha belly. I never treat myself to a really nice bottle though. One night this year, I am going to buy a really nice quality, and I am going to enjoy every last drop, guilt free. Guilt is something I’m working at freeing myself from… it just doesn’t go well in a sexylicious lifestyle. Lose the guilt!

16 – Read a few of the “all time greatest” books, that I have never read * I am a big reader… like, HUGE. I just love to read. It’s how I spend all my free time. But there are a few classics out there that I have yet to dive into. This will be the year of the best sellers. If I intend to be on the bestseller list eventually myself, I need to have soaked in as many best sellers as possible.

17 – Stay in a 5 star hotel * I travel a lot, but usually in the most affordable way. This year I am going to completely spoil myself and live like a rock star for a weekend. Maybe the five star hotel will be combined with my expensive wine.

18 – Go skinny-dipping * This is something I’ve done before, but it’s been awhile. And like I said earlier, some events are just meant to be enjoyed more than once.  It is time to do it up again. Giddy up!

19 – Five popular movies that I have never seen, that need to be watched * I am so not a movie person. I just don’t watch movies… Harry Potter? Who is that? Transformers…? Not a clue. Schindler’s list? I like the sounds of it, but again, no clue. Time to get caught up. I’ll take suggestions on what movies are must-sees; hit me up!

20 – Rent a convertible for a weekend, (one day I will own one!) * I use to have a 1984 VW Rabbit convertible. It was so cool. I miss that little clunker. If I had my way, I would drive a cute little convertible all summer long. But because I can’t yet afford to buy one, I will rent one for a weekend. YAH! Top down! Wee!

21 – Watch the sunrise * As sad as it is, I have never enjoyed this gorgeous event. But I will this year… it would be doubley amazing if I could enjoy it while sitting on on a beach, with the waves crashing in, tucked under a warm blanket… Bliss. 

22 – Knit a toque * My older sister Jill and my mom are incredibly talented when it comes to sewing, knitting, and quilting. I mean, they just are so good! Everything looks and feels like it is store bought. I like toques. Why not give it a try? Seems like a good trait to have. Kind of like cooking… you should just know how to do it. And since I have two amazing instructors at my disposal, I should take advantage of that. Plus, I’m from Canada… this just makes sense.

23 – Try rock climbing * I’m not really into extreme adventures like skydiving, or motorcross… but I would like to try something different. Rock Climbing seems like a good work out. And that’s one thing this sexylicious lady enjoys… a hard work out, a challenging sport and a full on sweat. Let’s go. Who wants to join?

24 – Attend a spiritual/meditation retreat * Some things are just good for the soul… this is one of them. Even if I have to create my own solo weekend of devotion, I will. Quiet time is so good for me. A must.  

25 – Do a 30-day yoga challenge * My little sister Megan is a yoga instructor, and probably on of the raddest chicks to ever walk this earth. I admire her. They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… haha… hope you don’t mind Megs!

26 – Take a weekend cooking/wine course * I absolutely love food and I love wine. Might as well perfect some skills! Plus, I’m big on dinner parties… this should add extra kick to what I am already capable of.

27  – Take my parents out for a nice meal * My parents are the most generous people you will ever meet. Hands down. I have spent my whole life being in receipt of their gifts. At the very least, I would like to treat them to a nice dinner, drinks and desert.

28 – Donate blood * Pretty self-explanatory as to why this is important. Sharing is the sexylicious thing to do!

29 – Start to learn a second language * Had I been smart when I was younger, I would have stuck with French in school, when it was free and already apart of my schedule. But, I for some reason thought I was too cool for a second language. Now, I know how much of an asset it would be. Time to get studying.

30 – OPEN * I have a need to leave this one “open.” So, when some sort of outrageously cool opportunity presents itself to me (oh, it will) then I will have no excuse, but to go for it. I can’t predict what it will be, but I know will it show up.

Hugs, kisses and butt slaps 🙂

Erin xoxox


  1. you’ve been reading SARK. 🙂 such an inspiration she is!

    don’t fret if they don’t all get done in your 20’s. I’m in my 30’s and to be honest with you, I’m more confident and better able to manage and accept and embrace my sexyliciousness and desires right now than ever before. Your list is amazingly similar to mine-well I guess that’s not all that amazing we are sistah girls. 🙂 love you woman and go get and do all of that!

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