Mmm Bop! Wait… what?

The recipe I want to share with you this week comes all the way from beautiful Costa Rica. I recently attended yoga training in this fine country and was lucky enough to stumble upon a place called, Zen Café. It was there that I fell in love…with The Hansen. And NO, not the mmm-bop Hansens from the 90s. This Hansen is not related to that long-haired pop trio. But THIS Hansen, the Costa Rican Hansen, may be the best thing that has happened to you since ‘mmm bop’ was a number one hit on the music charts.

This delightful delicacy is, yes… ANOTHER smoothie.

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to blending things. But I’m telling you THIS one is worth it. What is so wonderful about this drink? Let me introduce you to my badass, health-fanatic-friend: coconut water. That’s right, water, not coconut milk. And NO, I’m not friends with this delightful drink because it is the “newest trend” or the stars in Hollywood are doing it. PUh-lease. I drank coconut water, way before Demi Moore did.

I think.

Actually, I had no idea she did, until I just googled it and found out she just bought shares in a coconut water company. Interesting… NOT. Let’s get back to what’s really important here. You and your newfound relationship with coconut water.

I bet you didn’t know that the coconut has been used for almost FOUR THOUSAND years in ayurvedic medicine as an effective treatment for skin diseases? Me neither. I also just googled that information. WOW, Google, You’ve done it again.

Okay, down to business. Coconut water is GREAT to drink, especially after you’ve worked out. So throw out that processed, synthetic bottle of chemicals in your sports drink and opt for something more natural. It’s fat and cholesterol free and has electrolytes comin’ out of the ying-yang. So, what does that mean? If you got a little to out of control last night and are suffering from a hangover… Or maybe you are de-hydrated from a kickass workout… then grab yourself a cuppa coconut water. Or better yet. A HANSEN.

I’ve rambled enough. It’s time for me to unveil this bodacious, sexylicious, deeeeelicious, nutritious… smoothie.

100ml of crushed ice

1 frozen banana,

3 dates

6 cacao beans

1 ounce of almonds

200ml of coconut water!

Want to read up more on coconut water?? Get your butt to this website to check out an interesting article.

Happy blending!

Little Dooogs

Little Dooogs… Who is also known as Megan… is a world traveler, a smoothie connoisseur, an advocate for world peace and a should-be share holder in Lululemon Athletica Clothing.


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