Life Lessons…

While it may come as a surprise to you, I haven’t always been this cool. Nor have I always known the things that my wise sexy soul now knows. Shocking right? I know… but it’s true. The majority of the lessons in my life I have learnt the hard way, thanks to the ups and downs of everyday trial and error.

And as I learnt these lessons over the years, the journey towards ‘enlightenment’ wasn’t always clear. Actually, I can honestly admit that for most of my early 20’s, I was on autopilot with out a real clue as to what was going on around me, or inside of me. I had no idea what it meant to be Erin McDougall… I had no idea what ‘sexylicious’ was. Even if it had stood in front of me and slapped me rudely in the face, I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue. Looking back now, I realize those ups and downs have truly been my lessons and stepping stones to become one sexylicious superstar.

It is important to point out that these ‘ah-ha’ moments and lesson I experienced, stemmed from events that were not viewed as important to me, at the time I was experiencing them. They only became of  importance after I reflected back on them. Crazy right? Who learns backwards?

Apparently, I do. This is life… it really is just one big game of connect the dots. And we can usually only connect those dots by looking back.

With that being said, I would like to share a few lessons I have learnt, by connecting the dots in my sexylicious life. Each of the below points have helped mold my attitude and outlook… both of which I am incredibly proud of and thankful for. Obviously, to me these lessons are important. To you, they may be garbage. And that’s cool beans. Whatever floats your boat. Have a read, soak up what you want, and leave the rest.

Life lessons… so far.

 * You have your whole life to work. And colleges/universities will always be there…  Make sure you go see the world, while it’s still relatively safe to do so. Travel, travel, travel.


* When/if you DO decide to go to college/university, realize its value. Don’t slack or take advantage of the fact that YOU are able to pursue post secondary education. Many people around the world, will never get this luxury.


* Yoga is an important part of ones work out routine; we need yoga like we need cardio.


* The thoughts you think are creating your world… focus on the positive and you will be a magnet for it.  However, the same goes for negative. If you surround yourself with downers, hate and snappy attitudes, you will continue to attract those things into your life. By changing your thoughts, your world will automatically change, as well.


* Confidence goes better with what you wear, than any purse, necklace or pair of shoes ever will. Rock a real smile and your beauty-odometer will be through the roof.


* Not only do you need to drink more water, and floss everyday (thanks Lululemon) but you also need to hug more often. Seriously. Go hug someone.


* They say you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. Look at your friends, and consider each individual. If these people do not reflect back to you the kind of person you want to aspire to, it’s time to make some changes.


* Go into a relationship as a complete person; not someone looking to be “completed.” There is a big difference between needing someone to complete you, and wanting someone to compliment the completed person you already are.


* You may have a right to be angry, but you never have a right to be cruel.


* Be conscious and aware of how often you are saying ‘sorry’. Most times, you are just giving away your power and worth. I’m not saying you should avoid owning up or acknowledge your mistakes, but rather please recognize when you are at fault and when you are not.


* Learn to say ‘no’ with out feeling bad. This is your sexylicious life, why let anyone else dictate the role and stage time of the staring actress?


*  It’s better to overuse “I love you” than to not use it enough. Even if you think your loved ones know, tell them again. 


* Let go of the “small” things. The things that make you rage… backed up traffic, the screaming toddler on the bus, the waitress who forgot your drink order… Ask yourself, “Will this matter, at this intensity, six months down the road?” Usually, no it will not. Let it go.


* Forgive. No matter what. Because forgiving is for YOU, not for them. Holding onto resentment, hurt and anger will literally keep a lifetime yuck and disease in your body. However, remember that forgiving does not mean you that you have to trust that person again, that they get (or even deserve) a second chance, nor does not mean they are no longer accountable for their actions. It simply means that you no longer let someone else’s actions or words cause you pain and shape your world.


* Speaking of forgiving, it is just as important to forgive yourself. Don’t be so mean to yourself, lighten up, forgive… just as those around you are allowed to make mistakes, SO ARE YOU.


* Life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone.

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps, 

McDooogs xoxo


  1. I sort of laughed in my head are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with… remember that conversation we had about this?…you, me and robyn..? I’ll give you a hint…we were laughing at me…

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