Living vibrantly… or something like that…

Sometimes, I feel like I’m really getting life. That I’m understanding exactly what I am suppose to be doing, being, saying… that I’m just on the right path and that I am literally the unstoppable and flawless sexylicious superstar that I want to be.

Other times, I question everything. Am I doing what I should be doing? Do I need to take a different route? Invest in this? Sign up for that? It’s like a teetter-totter… sometimes I’m up and on top of the world, and sometimes I’m down and looking up in envy.

There are a few things that I can always come back to… Ideas, staples, or dare I even say, rules… things that I know if I live by, I can really live the sexylicious vibrant life that I aim to. Have a read, my sweets… and if you like these thoughts, adapt them as your own. Or alter them as needed to suit and guide your life. Or never visit my blog again… whatever you need to do.

Take chances: No Comfort Zones Allowed.

At the gym, my MMA coach Lee says to me, “No comfort zones allowed.” And when you are training MMA this is an obvious rule to incorporate into your training, especially if you want to improve and better your skills. But the same idea is true for life. You have to make yourself vulnerable and sometimes that means becoming a little afraid, if you want to expand your bubble and stretch. It is then that your world will become bigger, richer and brighter. Only by facing your fears, will you be free of them. And it really is on the other side of your fears that your life truly begins. No comfort zones allowed!

Get outside, and away from the TV and internet!

This should be a no brainer as to why this important. It’s wasted hours! It’s nonsense, and the best of life isn’t crammed into a half hour sitcom. Turn it off.

Enjoy food.

I once had a boyfriend who would often remind me that we ate simply to fuel our bodies, not for enjoyment or entertainment. Needless to say, he was ripped, with very little fat on his body. He looked good. For a lot of years, thanks to this idea he lived by (that I tried to adapt), I dealt with guilt in regards to food and my body. The thing is, before him, I was raised in a household where food was social. For example, Friday nights were pizza nights. It was a weekly tradition where my parents would order pizza, and my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would come over and we would eat and socialize. Sunday nights were family dinner night… mom always made a big roast, with all the fixings. Over eating on these nights, as well as drinking beer and other alcohols, was just the way it was. In my upbringing, eating was SOCIAL. To this day, I am trying to reverse the guilt I learnt to associate to food, thanks to the power I gave that boyfriend during that time of our lives together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely accountable for it. And as of now, I’ve conquered most of it… I don’t want to live with guilt attached to every meal. Social gatherings with food and wine should be enjoyed, if it makes you happy. And it does make me happy! So please, lighten up with yourself and don’t add any unneeded guilt to your meals. If it’s apart of a lifestyle you choose, take pleasure in it. Be mindful not to over do it everyday of course (we want you to be a healthy sexylicious star), but don’t let eating be guilty part of your life.

Play with children and talk to old people.

How adorable and real are kids, eh? They say it like it is, they don’t hold grudges and they are constantly in the moment. We could learn so much from them, even though we tend to think it’s the other way around. The same goes for our elders… Hearing stories and insights from someone who lived some of histories toughest times may enlighten you as to how good you really do have it. Sometimes the simplest conversation is the one that can affect you in the way that may cause you to live more aware and more vibrantly. Start conversing!

What makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Why the heck would a sexylicious goddess (or god) like you, want to match what’s trending or what’s “in.” You are a trailblazer! Your quirks, your scars, your differences… they are what make you beautiful. Embrace them, and watch the world around you flourish. Life is so much easier when you acknowledge and use what you have and then confidently show it off. And you should show it off. You are beautiful, just the way you are. *Cue Bruno Mars music…


I can’t stress the importance of seeing the world. In my humble opinion, there is no better way to learn about who you are. I don’t necessary mean you have to head off Thailand by yourself (Although… Check… I’ve done this) but I do mean, go be alone in a community, or a culture that you don’t know and just be. It may sound lonely and scary, but you will never learn more about yourself, then in those moments. Not only will you meet people, who just like you, are out searching, questioning and learning… but you will also meet a different side of yourself. You read that right hot stuff; there is more to you than you even know. And I would bet that part of you is aching to be found. Don’t believe you can afford to travel? You can, honestly. Do what you can, with what you have… Stop your cable package. Cut down on eating out. Cancel the magazine subscription. It all adds up, my dear. Put what you can aside, for as long as you need to and then head out into the world. Hope to see you there.

Buzz kill anyone?

You know those friends who drain your energy or those things that you waste your time doing when you know you shouldn’t be (ahem… Facebook?) Cut it out and cut em loose. Look darling, just because you were friends when you were in grade school doesn’t mean you still have to be friends with them now. Especially if you have outgrown that friendship and they drain your energy with their negativity or small minded attitude. Get rid of the buzz kill. Positive energy only please. You will thank yourself for this later.

Kiss slowly. Or just slow down in general.

To enjoy things, we need to slow it down and savor it. Kiss slowly, read more slowly, walk slowly and look around. Be in the moment. Other than this very moment, what else do we have? Don’t rush your life away.

You are what you think.

Remember the old saying, “you are what you eat?” Well in this case, realize that you are what you think. The thoughts you think are literally creating and changing your world, both positive and negative . Recognize the self-talk you have with yourself… what stories are you telling yourself? Are those thoughts serving you? If not, let them go. It’s just a thought, and better yet, it’s YOUR thought… you have the power to change it so it suits you. Do it up sugar!

Don’t let heartache stop you.

When you get hurt or burnt in relationships, why put your heart up on a shelf to keep it safe from future  pain? What good is that? The heart is the same as any other muscle in your body, in the sense that when it is worked hard, and ripped or torn in a work out, it heals stronger. Every heartache makes you better and more capable. You learn what you like or don’t like, what you deserve and where your standards are. Realistically, if you are learning from your heartaches, every boyfriend (or girlfriend) you have should improve, each time. I often joke that my exes keep getting better and better. And they do. Have I found that happily-ever-after-Hollywood-romance yet? No, I haven’t yet. But would I be any further ahead if I just tucked my heart up on a shelf and said, “never again”? With each heartache, I’ve learnt what I will and will not settle for. And therefore, the men I let in my life, keep getting better and better. Don’t let heartache stop you… sometimes you have to kiss a few toads to finally get the chance to kiss your prince. Good luck Miss Thaang. (…Not that you need it.)

Until next time… love, hugs and butt slaps…



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