The Little Green Monster

We have all had it… those moments of stabbing resentment when you see someone who has what you want. It is in those moments that you’d love to just smile happily for the lucky lady, but faking the happy grin and cheery voice is far from the easiest thing to pull off. Let me guess, you know the feeling? Me too.

When jealousy pops up, it can take over the body and mind with out much warning or control. Just as “shit happens”, so does jealousy. It happens. It’s like, there is this person who has what you want, and you recognize it. Whether it be the friends you want, the boyfriend you want, the dress, the car or the holiday you want, feeling a twinge of “ugh… whatta bitch. I wish I were her” is not uncommon. Nope, not at all my dear. And the good news?  It doesn’t even make you a bad person.

Feeling jealousy, if you can recognize it and then let it go, is a good thing. I know what you’re thinking… “oh REALLY McDooogs? You’re telling me jealousy is a good thing? So what’s next, sugar being healthy for me?” Well, hold your horses there cowgirl. Jealousy can be a good thing. Why? Because it’s like a giant flashing sign or a kick in the butt reminder from your sexylicious soul that, “um HELLO… this person you are jealous of is living their best life by piecing all the little things together that makes them happy and complete. WE NEED TO DO THAT TOO! We deserve that!”

Consider jealousy a clue on your treasure hunt of life.

Think about it. It’s not that you may actually WANT that boyfriend that she has, or maybe that holiday that your jealous about wouldn’t really be best suited for you, but it’s the fact that this person you are watching is living in ways that you also know you are worthy of living. Ways that include excitement, happiness, romance, and adventure. Whatever it is, you recognize it in that happy gals life, and you want it, too. Generally it isn’t the material thing itself that we want (the car, the dress, the house) but rather the emotions that are tied to having those things. We want the feelings that those things bring to us, not necessarily those specific items.

Does this mean we have to go and replicate the other gals life, in order to meet our emotional standards and needs? Heck no, baby! Remember, what makes you different, makes you beautiful. It simply means that you have to capture these emotions by pursuing or adding things to your life that suit you. Jealousy can be a sign that you are missing something that your soul knows you are capable and worthy of. Think about what emotion it is that you want, and seek it out in other forms.

Recognize jealousy, and then let it go. Don’t let it eat you up. You are way too pretty to taint yourself with those yucky shadows. Don’t hang onto the wrong emotions. Instead, use jealousy as a clue that you read and then leave it behind. Your sexy soul knows you deserve the best, and wants you to have it. So go get it!

Rock on sister friend. And as always, sending love, hugs and butt slaps

McDooogs 🙂 xoxo

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