F*ck Cancer

I remember when I would count down for the weekend, contemplating all the crazy shenanigans that I could get into… boys to kiss, places to shop, bars to leave my mark on. Not much has changed. Actually, that’s a huge lie. While I still think about boys I would like to smooch, and I still shop like a motha fawka, I hardly ever go out on the town like I use to. The bar scene just doesn’t stimulate me anymore.

This weekend, however, I attended a fundraiser at a little pub called Jolly Macs in Surrey BC. And it was not just any fundraiser, but was one held in honor of my BFF Deirdre and her battle with Cancer.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or even if you read a few of my postings on this blog, you know exactly who Deirdre is and how much she means to me. She is the hop in my scotch, the jelly in my bean, and the zig in my zag. She truly does put the ZING in amazing.

On Saturday the incredible staff at this pub, along with every other person who came out to show their support for Deirdre, raised over $20,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. $20,000!!! That is mind blowing stuff for one day.

There were laughs. Tears. More laughs. More tears. And multiple special moments of loved ones having their heads shaved, pictures being taken, and tattoos, like this one, being unveiled. That’s Deirdre’s handwriting… taken by a friend and tattooed on his shoulder, after Deirdre wrote it on paper with out knowing what would come to be of it.

To have a best friend in your life time, a soul mate of a best friend, is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. And to be able to witness something as touching as a fundraiser specifically for the person that you love so much is enough to leave you speechless. Here is this person, who you would do anything for, who is wonderful beyond belief and who you love like family… and they are viewed in that light by a whole community of people. Unreal.

After witnessing this type of event, it really makes you step back, look at the world and think, “Wow… there are some incredible people out there, who have a lot of love to give.” Because there truly is. What a great reminder.

Keep on spreading the love folks.

Hugs and buttslaps,

McDooogs xoxo

“I am touched to my very core by all my family and friends who came out to support and give generously. To my JMac’s family, you have outdone yourselves and I will never forget the overwhelming amount of work, dedication, love, and generosity you poured into it.” ~ Deirdre

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