Bruschetta Salad… YUMMY!

After last week’s debacle with my attempts to master the DQ blizzard, I decided that I would use one of my Main Mans recipes. He is an AMAZING cook, and while I instinctively want to throw in the line, “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW”…. The truth is, you can know and you will…as soon as you make this recipe. It is a REALLY simple Bruschetta Salad. It was so freaking good I ate an entire bowl of it without even breathing. But, this recipe is not only mind-blowing because of its deliciousness, it is also pretty healthy. That’s right, in this bad boy you’ll find, Tomatoes, Spinach and Cucumber… oh my.

We all know spinach is a great source of Vitamin K and Iron, but what is great about Tomatoes? Well, according to, the carotenoid, lycopene, found in tomatoes has been extensively studied for its antioxidant and cancer-preventing properties. Not bad, eh?

So, without further ado: here is Chef St-Aubin’s Bruschetta Salad.


– 8 Roma Tomatoes

– Half a package of fresh Basil (works out to be approximately 60 grams)

– 4 Green Onions

– Half a Cucumber

– 1-3 Cups of Spinach (depending on if you want the spinach or the tomatoes to be the main feature of the salad)

– 3 Teaspoons of Pesto

– 1 Cup of Olive Oil

– ½ Cup of Fig Balsamic Vinegar (or regular balsamic)

– 1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt

– 1 Teaspoon of Fresh Pepper


  1. Slice Tomatoes and then cut then into quarters
  2. Chop Basil
  3. Finely chop Green Onions
  4. Slice Cucumbers and then cut into quarters
  5. Combine Tomatoes, Basil, Green Onions, Spinach and Cucumbers
  6. In a separate boil, combine Pesto, Olive Oil, Balsamic, Sea Salt and Fresh Pepper
  7. Add liquid into the vegetable mixture. You may even want to drizzle some more balsamic over the top of your dish.
  8. ENJOY
Little Dooogs, also known as Megan, is a world traveler, a smoothie connoisseur, an advocate for world peace and a should-be shareholder in Lululemon Athletica Clothing.

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