Letting go

Oh, hey hot stuff. Can you do me a favor as you sit there and read this? Awesome sauce. Okay. Take those sexy hands of yours and place them on your lap. Go on. Now, take your hands and make tight fists with both. Now, squeeze as hard as you can. Hold it. Keep squeezing. Hold it for three… two… one. Good. Now just relax your pretty self for a moment. Ahhh… feels so good.

Okay one more little exercise. Take your whole body, and tighten every muscle you can. Squeeze those sexy bum cheeks together, make your hands into fists again, curl in your toes, tighten your arms, your back, and your shoulders…. Hold it. Keep squeezing… again, for three… two… one… good, let go.

How good does that feel on your body to release? It’s a lot of work holding it, isn’t it? Letting go is so much more of a natural movement.

Now take all those feelings of work that it takes to hold it in, as well as all the feelings of how good it feels to let it go, and reflect it onto your life. What are you holding on to, that you should just let go of?

Most times, we hang on to things, thoughts, people, or moments because we are certain that that is as good as it is going to get. That it is safe and ‘right’ for us… that it is just who we are and lets face it, and identity change can down right suck sometimes. We hold on to these ideas, believing that if we hold on tight enough, and if we don’t move an inch, all will stay the same and be well in our world.

Well, my sexylicious friend, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think of how draining it was for your body to hold on when it shouldn’t have been squeezing and forcing. You really only did this for a matter of seconds. Now, think about what emotions and stress are doing to you on a day-to-day basis, like 24 freaking 7, as you hold onto things, people, feelings or moments that you need to free yourself of. In your every day life, do you feel tired all the time? Irritated? Not like the bundle of love and energy that you would like to be? I don’t want to shine the spotlight too bright, but guess what is playing a HUGE part into that?

If you are holding on to something by force, then you are completely misunderstanding what the universe wants for you. I read once that “when life hurts, when it baffles and confuses, when it doesn’t seem to quite work, these are just signs… trying to point out that something important, really really important is being misunderstood…”

Think about that.

When things are right, they work. They flow. They feel good. When you have to force, manipulate or make something to be in your ‘favor’ it is never really that great. It’s usually short lived and tied to unpleasant emotions, like hurt or guilt.

What are you holding on to right now and how is it serving you positively? Can you let go of it? I bet you can. You are a soldier! You totally can let it go. Will you?

Trust me, I know that when things change and end, it can be scary. Scratch that… it can be down right heartbreaking, traumatizing and uncomfortably painful. I get you; I’ve been there. A big one for me was being apart of a broken off engagement. Yup, I was engaged to be married. I had the ring on my finger, dress bought and in my closet and all sorts of professionals like photographers booked and ready to go. To spare you the details, it ended. *Cue the sad music.

But, with letting go… after far too long of hanging on in the relationship, clenching-crying-willing-things-not-to-change out of fear that this was who I was…  I let go. And I can promise you two things that were true for me, that I know will be true for you. 1 – The ending of one story will always pave the way and introduce the next fantastic, way better then you can even imagine new story. Be excited! And 2 – it is always, always worth it. *Cue the fuck yah music!

So, please top clenching your fists and holding on. Open your palms, your arms and your mind. You can’t be in receipt of life’s magnificent gifts if you aren’t willing or even able to accept them. Let go, and you will be surprised with how right it will feel and all the good that will soon follow.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps,

McDooogs xoxo


  1. Great read! Thanks for sharing your insight into the matter. This is very good advice that can help a lot of people. No one can hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, so we shouldn’t be surprised when it all comes crashing down.

  2. Life is but a dream, when we stop dreaming we stop living. But the next chapter will always be better. there fore, you right.

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