Love as a Verb

Love equals ACTION!

A very wise woman once told me, “Trust a man’s actions, not his words.”

Well… okay. Wait, huh…?

This piece of advice came into my life quite a few years ago, when I didn’t really know what to do with it. Young, submissive and impressionable, a boy could tell me that he was going to capture me the moon and then hang it in our living room, and I would have believed him with every fiber of my being. Gullible? Pshhh… that is an understatement…

My first reaction to it was “Whaaaaa? I trust this guy; if he tells me he loves me, why wouldn’t I believe him?” How very Taylor Swift of me…

Since that interesting piece of advice was given, luckily for me (and those around me) I have grown up and into myself more. And as a direct result of that self growth, I have also taken leaps and bounds in how I participate in relationships and what exactly I will settle for and expect in them.  The advice makes more sense now.  It certainly never use to.

What this lovely liner is getting at, is a simple reminder that words don’t really mean anything. They are just words. No matter how prettily you can string them together to woo a heart of another, they are just words.

Like most 20 something year old girls, I’ve had to put a band-aid or two on my heart over the years. We’ve all been there… been promised the moon (or even just a simple phone call after that silly drunken hookup… damn you boys) and been let down. The words and actions don’t line up.

Trust a man’s actions, not his words.

This is not to say that you need to start living your life on the defensive. You don’t have to assume everyone is a liar until they prove otherwise. That’s not what life is about. And man! What a sad way to live! Living a sexylicious life means to live with your heart and arms wide open. Living on the defense is not something that falls in line with that…

But what I do want you to put thought into, boys and girls, is that action is what counts. It counts so heavily in fact, that words essentially don’t mean anything with out some sort of action tied to it.

When it comes to love, any form of love, make love a verb. Verb = action!

Are ya picking up what I’m putting down?

Too many young couples have it backwards these days. They think hearing and saying the three little words, or having their relationship status labeled on Facebook is what love is. It’s not. It’s not about the words. You can tell me you love me or miss me until you are blue in the face. Big deal. That’s all fine and dandy… until you start doing something about it, whether it be to prove it or live, then your words are just words. It’s about actions. The actions and words have to match. Walk the talk, baby.

Maybe that sounds harsh. It’s not meant to make you feel crappy or think that there is a big impressive standard to meet. Trust me, I’m really not a super bitch who thinks action means spending money and showering me with gifts. Showing someone you love them, by making love a verb doesn’t have to be about spending money or being extravagant. It’s about just doing. Whatever doing is, that fits the definition of the relationship you are in… romantic, friendship or otherwise.

Love is something you do. Not the words you string together. Love, no matter who it is for, is about action, doing, giving, Trust and believe a persons actions… not just their words.

Just my thoughts… 🙂 Giddy up.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps your way!

McDooogs xoxo

“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” ~ Unknown

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