What are you creating with your life?

Chatting with my girlfriend the other day, she stated a question in passing, as we were talking about goals and moving forward in life. The words, “what are you creating with your life” came from her mouth and while she didn’t question me directly, I was floored/stumped by the sentence almost immediately.

“HOLD ON!” I practically screamed. “…I just want to write that down.”

Ha. Yah, that’s a McDougall-licious thing I do. When something hits me (like that did) I plug it into the “notes” in my iPhone and email it to myself. I do that so I can revisit it later, when I have more time to really settle into it. This little email thaang I do goes down with quotes, words, phrases and questions.  It might seem a bit silly, but it works for me. And apparently leads to blog postings like this one… so, it all works out. 😉

It was a couple days later when I was able to sit down and actually ponder the email I had sent to  myself. There I was on my bed surrounded by my iPad, my iPhone, my journals, a book, my Starbucks tea and obviously my laptop… wondering to myself, how do I answer this question?

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is a loaded question. And the answer is more than likely pretty serious in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to “just” answer it with out some deep thought and consideration. Or at least I can’t.

In truth, I sat there with it for a few minutes, contemplating how to tackle it. Where does a sexylicious adventurer like myself start? Do I start with my current goals? Or do I reflect on the mistakes I’ve learnt from? Do I start with the vision of my life 15 years from now? Or, just 1 year from now? Ahhhh what the faaack, man…

After a bit of procrastination – AKA, finishing my Starbucks, browsing Facebook, wasting time on Twitter and checking the yoga schedule for the night – I got busy. Or I tried to.

With a few jot notes and random thoughts typed out, I settled into a couple conclusions in regards to this heavy question. One being that if you heard the question (or in this case, read the question) and were actually affected by it, you are ahead of a large portion of the population. I mean, how many people probably hear or read that question and then just carry on with their daily grind…. the grind being counting-down-until-Friday-dreading-Monday-complaining-about-their-life bullshit they live everyday on autopilot. Yuck. No thanks. I will happily try and answer questions I don’t have immediate answers to, over being unaffected and uninterested by questions at all.

If you really heard that question and do find yourself being affected by it, that is a good place to start. Even if you don’t have an answer, the fact that you are questioning or becoming aware of the question, is wicked. It’s like stepping into the light, after being in a dark room. While you may not know where to go now that you are IN the light, at least you are trying to make sense of your next move.

Also, as I sat there, I decided that the answer to the question “what are you creating with your life” never has to be set in stone. Change up your answer daily, my friend. Who cares?! It’s your life. As long as you are moving forward, it doesn’t matter what you define your life as… just as long as you ARE defining it, and doing so for you.

With these two thoughts on my mind, I carried forward trying to discover my answer. What am I creating with my life? To be honest, I haven’t rounded out or completed my answer yet. But I am working at it. Maybe I’ll share it when I feel I’ve given it the attention and thought it deserves. Right now, for me, it’s more about feeling out the question, to get to my final answer… I’m flirting with it, if you will. It has not 100% shown itself yet, but it’s taking shape.

What about you? What does the question do for you, if anything?

Think about and look at what you have already created or are already doing in your life. Do you like what you see or feel? And I’m talking waaaay more than just career wise… I’m talking friendships, relationships, partnerships… emotionally, spiritually and physically. If your answer makes you happy, air five! Keep doing what you are doing.  You’re obviously on the right track. But if the answer doesn’t seem to tickle your fancy, make you smile, or stir up happiness inside your belly, then you cutie pie, need to make a change…

All I hoped to do with this posting was fire up some emotions inside of you to get you thinking and then hopefully, get you doing and responding. That question is a bit heavy, you certainly don’t have to have an answer to it right this second. But work at it. Flirt with it. Start to mold it and nurture it. Or change it up if you previously had an answer that just doesn’t fit anymore with who you are. As long as you are moving forward. The point is to consider what you are creating, and maybe make a move that could possibly change your world… making it bigger, better and brighter.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed… But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Hope I got your brain juices flowing…

Sending love hugs and buttslaps,

McDooogs xoxo


  1. GREAT POST! It’s funny because as I age I seem to notice that there are basically two groups in the adult life… those that accept things as “it is what it is” and make little to no effort to feed their suppressed needs and desires and then there are those who will put up with “it is what it is” until they’ve had enough and press forward, taking “scary” steps to make things what they truly desire. In the end, we pretend to be happy or we actually ARE happy.
    Interestingly enough, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the universe is pushing me to take a big jump and go on the road less traveled in exchange for greater sights to see. Thank you.

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