2011 favorites

Zeeee other day in my sexy posting about reviewing 2011 I mentioned I would be following up that sucker with another post which would share my favorite and meaningful experiences from the year. So! Let’s jump right into it shall we? That’s right, no real introduction today. Just a awesome list of moments worth sharing.

 In no particular order… Enjoy! 🙂

* This past year, I traveled my little butt off. Seriously, I was always on the go. In cars, in airports… go go go … Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Las Vegas, Africa… you name it, I feel like I’ve been there this year.  And it doesn’t even stop there. As 2011 wraps up, I’m working out all the final details to a trip to Brazil, which is set to go begin in the first week of 2012. Aye! Amazing, right? I am so fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do. I really do love to “go go go…”   and am thankful for the opportunities to do so. Big high fives to the universe from this gal!

* In July, I watched my baby sister tie the knot with a man who clearly loves her more than anything else in the world. Obviously, I am super proud of her and of their commitment to each other, not to mention incredibly happy that she found her happily ever after. And on top of those feel good feelings, the wedding and all the festivities surrounding it helped bring back my faith in love and romance. After being single for so long, I had began to question it all… the realness of relationships, the need vs the want, societies influence, etc etc. Then, I stopped. Maybe it was one of those, “love is in the air” things… but after the wedding wrapped up, I ditched the insecurities and left with an improved faith in love and relationships.

* I made my MMA debut! Which I truly felt was a long time coming. I trained incredibly hard for it… I had the best camp going into it and an amazing coach taking me to battle. What an emotional rollercoaster the whole process was, but looking back, it was probably one of the coolest nights I’ve ever had. Winning helped contribute to that feel good feeling too.  😉 I still am so proud of this accomplishment. (PS – Our fight won Fight Of The Night, too! Not bad for a debut!)

* Loosing my second fight… ugh. Now, bare with me here. This obviously is not a favorite moment for me. BUT… what I learnt from it and took away from it IS. First off, the outpour of love was phenomenal. I was really surprised I could get that much love after a loss. But it was there. And it was mind-blowing. Thank you to anyone who facebooked me, tweeted me, texted me and called. Secondly, the lessons that followed the reality of the loss and the insights that were revealed are invaluable to me. And I say this not only in regards to what was discovered about my skills and talents as a whole, but as well as my place with MMA. The loss solidified to me how bad I want it. It solidified for me that the media part of it is fun, but I really just want to fight. It solidified to me that I want to make a run at this. Really, really badly. And because of that, it has caused me to reflect and take inventory on the things I am willing to do, to make sure that I accomplish these goals. As I said in the last post about reviewing your year… mistakes and failures are wonderful investments in your future, if you decide to learn from them. 

* Another biggie was being with my best friend Deirdre, through some of the most difficult times of her life. As you all know, my sexylicious BFF Deirdre is fighting Cancer. Now, clearly those moments of pain, frustration, hurt and fear are not what is a favorite of mine. But being there with her, when she needed me the most, is. A lot of the times were hard. A lot of the times were scary. But some of the times felt just like her and I, hanging out. I look back on and am totally changed by it.  If it was hard or if it was easy, those moments we shared can never be taken away from us. And I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

* This year has held multiple opportunities for me to meet and become friends with many amazing people in the MMA world.  I am so fortunate with travel, and because of that travel, I am blessed with many new friendships and connections with people from around the world. This year has been wonderful for that…  I welcomed a lot of new, crazy cool people into my life. I dig it! Happy to have yall!

* Another powerful moment is realizing I stood up for myself and for my standards in the dating/relationship world this past year. It’s not really something I would count as “awesome” at the time, as I didn’t really see it as much more than just living the moment honestly. But looking back now, I’m like, “Fuck yah! Hooray to me.” I’m awesome and I know it.  😉

* I have accomplished quite a few things off of my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. What cool things have I done from that list, you ask? I found a nude beach, rocked my birthday suit and loved every second of it… I made out with a boy from another country. Haha, oh yes I did. Good times… I started the process of writing my book… I finally stayed in a 5 star hotel… I started to learn Brazilian Portuguese… all things from the list of 30 things that I said I would do this year and have.

I have had a pretty fabulous year. There are a lot of big moments in there for me. I am happy with where I am, and pretty stoked that I am heading into 2012 on a high note, rather than clinging to the hope and desperation of making 2012 better than the last.

Overall, it’s been pretty dang awesome. Thanks for being apart of my sexylicious life in 2011. More to come for us in 2012. 😉

As always, sending love, hugs and butt slaps… maybe even get some chest bumps in there.

McDooogs xoxo

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