A little update!

Hello my gorgeous friends! As most of you know, I am currently in Brasil… and will be kicking it over here for roughly the next 5 weeks! How exciting, right?

As of Friday January 13th, I will be leaving the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro for what is sure to be a life changing adventure. It is on this day that I will head to a little resort known as Piracanga outside the town of Itacare, in the cocoa zone of the state Bahia. And I feel as though I should use the term “resort” loosely here… from what I have read, this eco friendly resort is really a modest community “based on minimalism, simplicity and a deep commitment to maintaining the integrity of the land.” I fear for the what this really means. Sounds like I’m going to be roughin’ it. Mega bugs? No running water? Small creepy creatures in my room, like mice and bats? Who knows. This certainly won’t be what I am use to (I write this from the comfort of my air conditioned room at the windsor barra  hotel… not to sound spoiled, just sharing the truth) but I can tell you that I am looking forward to this sexylicious adventure pushing me outside of my comfort zone… I think… Actually… I’m scared shitless… Yup… Totally frigging scared.

But, I’ll be spending 30 days at Piracanga regardless of the fear or nerves, and during that time I will be participating in a course to become a yoga teacher. The teacher training will be intense. For that month, I will spend six-days a week in a schedule that begins first thing in the morning with meditation and ends some time after sunset. There will be two yoga classes each day, all mingled in with lectures covering anatomy, meditation, yoga history, public speaking, plus much more. Holy moly.

While there is a lot of unknowns as to what this next month will be like, I do know that I will have little access to the outside world (bye-bye Facebook, Twitter, and cell phone!) and will be living a rather quiet lifestyle. Not to mention, no MMA training until I am finished the course and back in the “real” world. Aye. This is probably what has me panicked the most. I mean, the teacher training seems hard, but doable… and I can probably swing the ” no meat, no caffeine” thing that they implement there… but 30 days is a long time for me to go with out hitting pads, rolling or sparring. I know I will miss my MMA life… big time. 

Yet… I somehow feel that this month away will be good for my sexylicious soul. A life changing, spiritual journey, if you will. It scares the hell out of me, yes. To the point where I wish I could think of a really good excuse, so that I could bail on it all together…  but I have come to recognize and learn that when something terrifies me in my life like this does, then I usually neeeeed to do it. In my past, all those “scary” things that I was afraid of, ended up being the things that changed my life in the biggest and best ways.

On top of that, it will be a good opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, one that I am definitely present, alive, and known in. I spent a good chunk of my time last year growing my network online, and promoting myself, building my site and my blogs. A month away seems like a long stretch to not promote or interact. Hopefully you guys won’t forget about me too quickly. 😉

With that being said, I do have somewhat of a sexy plan! Yes, I will obviously pop online, to give you rockstars whatever updates I can, but in between those McDougallicious reports will be something else you can look forward to everyday. Let me fill you in….

If you follow me online, you know I love my inspirational quotes and advice. I put them up everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, because I’m just awesome like that. Ha…. I kid, I kid. I put them up because they resonant with me… and if I feel connected to words, I usually like to share. So, for the 30 days I am “gone”  stretching, learning, growing and soul searching, you can visit my Facebook Fan Page or my twitter account for a new quote everyday, being shared thru me by my amazing friend, Jessica Kritner.

Now, when I say Jess is amazing, I truly mean ahhhhhmazing (If you are interested in how dope my friends are, just click on her name above to see what she is all about and then learn even more about her by clicking here.) Like, seriously. She is just stinking fabulous. Jess is the brilliant superfox who came up with this idea of posting for me while I am away, all because she knows how much I have put into building my network, and knows that I want to stay active in your news feeds (haha) even though I can’t physically post myself.  Jess will be signing in each day as me and sharing with you some kick ass quotes. Once a day, for 30 days. 🙂 Giddy up. I like it.

So, there you have it hottie pants! The “30 for 30” starts January 14th. It will be small doses of McDooogs, in comparison to what you are used to… but it will still be rad, nonetheless. Mad thanks to Jess for offering to do this for me! Everyone please be nice to her and show her some love for helping me out. (I know you will. 🙂 ) This is going to work out wonderfully; I stay alive and active on the online world, all while I totally disconnect from it, and spend 30 days on a personal, spiritual quest for growth and balance. Banging.

I hope you all check in and enjoy the quotes! I also hope you are staying warm back at home; I hear it’s cold. Just so you know, it’s ridiculously hot/beautiful/perfect here in Rio… 😉

Sending love, hugs, buttslaps and HEAT (…while being totally freaked out about what this next month holds… )

McDooogs xoxo

Miss Jess and I ❤

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