It’s okay to cry…

It’s okay to want to cry… to scream… to slam down hammerfists on your pillow. You’re human. And we humans tend to do these things. 😉 Holding on to feelings and stuffing them down doesn’t actually do anything for you. It doesn’t even do any favors for the people around you, even though you may try and convince yourself that it does. (You tricky monkey you.)  So, allow yourself to release and acknowledge in any way that you need to (might I suggest screaming into your pillow; it actually feels really awesome)  and remember that emotions are signs that you are living. That you’ve experienced. That you’re here. And that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Wiping away any tears you need gone…. and then following that up with biiiiiiiig hugs and butt slaps,

McDooogs xoxo

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