I won my fight!

The only picture I’ve actually SEEN from my fight…

My MMA record has improved to 2 -1.

Bing, bang, boom.

That’s right, I won my fight last night. *Fist pump!

I put so much into this fight camp… everything I had mentally and physically. In fact, I felt so confident two weeks out from fight night, that I just knew that I wouldn’t lose. And I didn’t. I won. Honk honk!

Towards the end of my camp I started to realize that no matter what happened, there was something this girl couldn’t take away from me. No matter what unfolded in that cage, I had a journey of “getting there”, and that was mine regardless of the outcome. If I lost, it wouldn’t change all the skills I learnt, all the ways in which I improved, all the ways I grew as a fighter and as a person. This gave me great peace going in. I felt like I already won. And I was still two weeks out! Whaaaaat!? My sister is the only person I admitted this to before the fight, though… I was afraid if I voiced it, I would jinx myself.

I owe Cowboy a shout out. Had he not said, “yes” when I asked if I could come stay with them at the ranch, none of this would even have happened. I would have never stepped foot in Jacksons gym or in the cage Saturday night, if it weren’t for him. Thank you Cowboy. I know he will probably say, I came on my own and it has nothing to do with him… but… it was a pretty cool domino effect that he unknowingly started by agreeing to have me.

Another major shout out goes to Miss Julie Kedzie. She is hands down the main reason I have improved as much as I have. What a difference training with a girl your own size can make! But not only that, she is so talented, so tough and so willing to help. Just an all around amazing person. Cowboy got me to the gym, but Julie made it worth staying. You rock my world Jules. You are the reason I went to the gym everyday. With out even realizing it, you have changed not only my skill level, but my confidence level too. I owe so much to you! And dammit, you are a great role model for girls in this sport. More than you even know. I want to be like Julie Kedzie! For realzzzz.

Coach Jackson, I’ve also have got to say thanks to. The man is busier than you can imagine, always jumping on a plane to go corner at some fight across the world. He gives up a lot to help his fighters; I don’t think the fans or media realize just HOW much. When he was at the gym, he always had a hug for me, and always checked up on me to see how I was doing mentally. It made me feel like I mattered, and that he believed in me. That is an irreplaceable feeling.

With every fight I’ve ever been in, David Heath has been there for me. Whether I needed to vent, cry, complain, question, wonder and express… he was – and probably always will be – my go to man. I only got to train with him for less than a week total during this fight camp, but the amount of time he put in talking to me, is unmatched. I consider myself very lucky when I think of having him on my side.  I finally get the saying people use when describing a significant person… when they that he/she is their “rock.” Well… Dave is my rock.

I of course owe thank yous to everyone who helped me train… All the amazing girls at the gym, the coaches, the pad holders and of COURSE love to my CMC friends at home in Canada. Team CMC supported me and was with me thru out my camp, even though it was only with text messages, facebook and twitter. It meant a lot to me when they would check in on me. I have shared with you all before that being the new girl at a gym like Jacksons was haaaaaard. It was nerve wrecking. I felt like a little baby fish in the great, big sea. But it was comforting to read messages from home, sending me strength or just making me laugh.

Lastly, I need to brag about my family for a moment. Sorry, but yuppers… that’s my style. SO! My sister Megan is in sports psychology, which is cool in and of itself, but what’s really rad is that she met with me on Skype twice a week, for an hour each time, for my whole fight camp, to work with me and coach me. Training the body for combat sports is important, but controlling and training the mind is also invaluable. I couldn’t have done this camp with out her. (Want to work with her? I can set that up. Get at me!)

ALSO – that’s right, still bragging – my mom flew to New Mexico FOR THIS FIGHT. Amazing right? Having her support meant the world to me. I am blessed to have a great relationship with my mama… not just in the mother – daughter sense, but we in the friendship sense too. I love her to bits, and am so grateful she made the journey. My pops would have joined her for the trip, but he is the hardest-working man I know, and he had to stay back and run his business. The same goes for my both my sisters, my brother and their families… they all would have been here if they could. They rock the damn house. SO much support and love!

Okay, done bragging now.

Well, some summer fun awaits me! FINALLY. I have a smoking hot red bikini that needs to be worn, a good bottle of wine to drink and loads of yummy recipes I want to try now that I am allowed to eat more freely.  Giggidy. All my work is done and it’s time to relax a bit. Another fight opportunity will likely come up soon, so for now… it’s me and the sunshine. And the wine.

Bottoms up!

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps



Headed to weigh ins… I always look my best slightly dehydrated. Lol


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