2012 Summer Bucket List!

So I’ve been meaning to put this up for awhile now. I guess that just shows how awesomely busy I have been lately.  You know… baking. And drinking wine. And stuff.

Well, as a reminder, I love making to-do lists. I’m weird like that. I admit it. And one of the to-do lists I have been working on lately is my Summer Bucket list!

I asked some of you guys on my facebook page just whaaaaaat everyone was going to be getting up to this summer. I got back some cool responses! Everything from going to Singapore for three months, to riding Harleys, to hitting the gym to reach some fitness goals… I think you guys are going to be doing it all! You ambitious rock stars, you! I love it. I wish my list were as cool as yours. Lol …but… I fit more appropriately in the boring dork department.

My main goal for this summer? More balance. It seems as though I am either training alllllllll the time and missing out on fun stuff OR I am completely thrown into alllllll the fun stuff, traveling and not training at all! It’s like I’m just drunk and fat in some random city in Canada.  It appears to be all in or all out with me. Gaaash darn it. I want more balance.

So! This summer is more about balancing the two loves of my life. Training hard but still having some fun.

I present to you, my 2012 Summer Bucket List…  in no particular order…

– Picnic

– Watch the sunrise

– Watch a sunset

– Vineyard tour…  (hoooooooow am I going to make this happen!!?? I live on the freaking prairies…)

– Attend a festival. After a google search, I’m prettttttty sure that it’s going to be the Sun and Salsa Festival in Calgary. Um, hello!! SALSA!!! Food will get me to show up just about anywhere… just saying…

– Start a wine journal, so I can keep track of what makes me the drunkest while tasting the best. Ugh… I mean… Nope, that’s exactly what I mean.

– Spend more time at the lake or pool!

– Do a race or fundraiser run.

– Vegas  😀 This is a yearly thing for me. I love Vegas. In small doses.

– Hike in Canmore

– Hike in Waterton

– Make some S’mores!

– Try a new summery recipe once a week and share it in my sexy dishes section of this site!

– Sleep out under the stars.

– Farmers market more often.

– Attend some fireworks!

– Host a BBQ and or dinner party

– Road trip out of town and have a social night with friends.

– Take my dog swimming. I know… I know… “You’ve never taken your dog swimming before!!??”  Ugh, What can I say. I’m a paranoid, freak type parent and I’m afraid he will drown. Ha. Okay, I know he won’t drown. But I don’t want him to float away! Or hate it, and in turn hate me. Or smell really bad after. BUT…. this summer, I shall take the plunge.

Did I miss anything obvious that I should be doing? What else could I do? Anyhooters, I’ll keep you posted on my results, as I go. It should make for a great summer.

What are YOU going to be doing this summer? Do you have a Summer Bucket list?


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