Back to the grind…

As of this week, my life has somewhat returned to normal. Normal being that I am back to training twice a day, eating healthy, going to bed early and not baking.

Insert sad face here. You read that right. NOT baking.

I’ve thought about it a lot though. I’ve found a few recipes online too, thanks to time well spent wasted on Pinterest. I bet you are thinking, “Man, does this girl only think about food? That’s all she seems to write about lately.” Well… Yah.  Obviously. Have I taught you nothing of who I am?

Just kidding. But bare with me through this post.

So back to this whole NOT baking thing… I’ve been temped to whip up a batch of this random eggless no bake cookie dough batter that my cousin found. Um hello! Cause some times a girl just wants the cookie dough and not the cookies. I’ve also found countless variations of S’mores that I am tempted to make. BUT… I have refrained. I can’t reeeeally do that during the week, when I am training twice a day. That’s not exactly the right fuel for the workouts.

But also, mainly because I am a total pig, and will eat it all.

I have no control.

Which would make training incredibly difficult. Frigg man, doing anything after eating like a whole batch of cookies is hard, let alone going to get punched in the face and hopefully defending yourself in the process!

But at least my sister has my back. Sorta.

My kid sista, Megarooooo as I like to call her, has her own rawesome blog called Eat In, Breath Out , where she has some pretty cool stuff. From recipes to yoga (she issssssss a kick ass Moksha Yoga teacher – AKA – hot yoga) to self-handicapping (whaaaaa?? Yah I know, just click here) to the adventures of being married to a Combat Systems Engineer of the Canadian Navy… her blog has it all.

And so when I say she has my back, what I really mean by that is she loves food more than probably anyone I know. And there is a good chance if I can’t binge or bake, she can.

I guess you can say I live vicariously thru her at times.

Two recipes of hers that I really want to try? This home made banana ice cream and also this yummy looking banana pancake recipe. Hells to the motha fawking yaaaaah. I was going to make the Banana Pancakes one morning last week for Mr Wonderful and I, but he beat me to the kitchen and made me the best dang breakfast quesedilla I have ever had.  Like I am going to argue with anyone who wants to cook for me.

So anyways… enough about cooking and baking.

I just wanted to touch base with you guys and tell you what was new. Which is pretty much nothing. My life is back to the grind, my post fight holidays being up. I am officially boring again.

Hopefully I will be unboring soon. But let’s not hold our breath. 😉

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps,



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