Random things :)

My tulsa boys

– Since being back in Canada after training down in Albuquerque, I’ve had the luxury of driving my own car again! Yah! But I’ve decided I hate the horn. It sounds so wussy. Like, a toy… “meep-meep”

– I do miss training at Jacksons, FYI. I miss training with the girls there a lot. Yes, I got my ass kicked and schooled… but it was worth it.

– My friend Josh The Beast Bryant fought on the 22nd and won, first round submission! Yahhhh! I was really happy for him. Word is that MFC is going to bring him up to Canada from Tulsa to fight on MFC 34 in Edmonton on the 10th of August. Fingers crossed. Which means, from today that’s about 40 days til I get to see my Tulsa boys again. Sad face! I hate waiting. Ask anyone. I really am quite impatient.

Josh and I 🙂

– Speaking of fighting, a few of ya have asked when I’m fighting again. To that I will respond with, “Good question!” Lol…. There is talk of late August or early September. But, I really have no clue. And honestly, I just want to enjoy the summer and live a life that doesn’t revolve around thinking, training and eating for a fight. I want to have some fun, go away on weekends, eat ice cream, and take the night off training if I feel like I’d rather tan. Whiiiiiiich may or may not be what I did last night. Ha.

– I have been obsessing and listening to this song a butt load lately. I’m going to ruin it for myself, I just know it.  Also, even though it’s been on my iPod for MONTHS… any song from the “My Kinda Party” album (Jason Aldean) makes me really happy and completely fanatical. I wanna marry Jason. Seriously. I’d also settle for getting to go to his concert.

– I made that fake ice cream everyone has been talking about. I hated it. Seriously. It was sucha let down! What did you guys do to make yours yummy? I even added whip cream in mine. And it was still was a disappointment… yet my sister, my GF and a few people commented on FB saying that they made it and loved it. So I don’t know. Maybe I just suck.

– In other cooking/kitchen news, ya know that eggless no bake cookie dough I talked about? Yah… made that. Loved

– I have a ugly bruise and cut on the bridge of my nose from a spinning back fist I ate last week in sparring. I hope it goes away… this weekend is girls getaway weekend… I don’t want to look like a battered housewife.

Well that’s about all the random pointless news I’ve got for you. More next week.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps,


McDooogs xoxo


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