Random things…

Random things….

– Last weekend was a girls weekend… oh man, did we have fun. There are some pics of it up on my Facebook page – go have a peak!

– Speaking of the weekend, we also watched Magic Mike … um… OH. MY. GAWD. Okay, before my hormones completely take over, let’s just be honest about how great the story line is. It’s… meh. But let’s also be honest about who is going to this movie for the story line… No one! Some of the dance moves in there had my jaw dropped on the floor. I was practically cheering them on, clapping and screaming from my seat. I’m actually surprised I didn’t throw money at the screen. Go see the movie with your girlfriends. Seriously. GO.

–  I love Volkswagens; we all know that right?  I’ve been a VW owner twice in the past, and that’s where my heart is. So, last week I decided I wanted to trade my Kia in for another VW. Stay tuned to facebook and my  twitter  for pictures when I get the new little car! Yahoo! Can’t wait!

-I was planning on going to the Canada Day fireworks Sunday night…. But, I had one drink at home, got suddenly super lazy and tired, and decided to make cookies instead. What’s wrong with me? So lame.

– Did you guys see the recipe I posted from last week? Here it is, if you missed it. Blueberry peach salsa! EAT!

– I ran across a snake on my run Monday morning. I squealed and bolted. Funny… I have no problems cage fighting, but snakes scare me… talk about motivation to sprint.

– Why do I love  this song? Because it’s super fun and bouncy, that’s why! Ha. Should I be embarrassed to admit that I played it 3 or 4 times in a row on my Monday morning run? Maaaaaybe. Anyways, the song makes me happy! The video, on the other hand… is… interesting…

That’s all I got! Hope that tune get’s stuck in your head. Lol Dance!

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps.


McDooogs xoxo

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