Success… um, how?

Let’s talk about Success. HOW DO WE BEOME SUCCESSFUL? Personally, I will talk to mentors, read self-help books or blogs, and straight-up try just about anything to find a recipe that works for me. I am always open to any combo that will help me get to where I want to be. Hard and smart work will always be apart of that equation, but here are a few more of my ideas. Things that I feel ring true for my recipe of success. Yours may be different. And that’s cool beans. Rock what works for you. This is what works for me.

1. It’s all about priorities.

As bad as this may sound, you’re going to have to start labeling your tasks as important or unimportant. From there, you need to take anything that is labeled important and make it your priority, and then learn to walk away from things that are labeled unimportant. You can’t say yes to everything that comes at you. Learn to say no to the little things, so you can say yes to the big things.

2. Get out of your comfort zone.

Nothing good happens in your comfort zone. You need to grow by experience. Comfort zones only hold predictability and stale circumstances. Spice things up a bit and take a chance! No really, move! Get out of there… just feel the fear and do it anyway.

3. Surround yourself with successful people.

You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. If someone has achieved what you want, take advice from that person. You wouldn’t (hopefully) take relationship advice from someone who is bitterly miserable because of continued failed relationships, right? And you wouldn’t take money advice from someone who poorly manages their own finances. So, take advice from people who have what you want.

4. OTD

OTD = One Thing Daily, big or small, that moves you in the general direction of your goals. Start each day by deciding what your OTD will be for that day and then work it into your day plan, to get it done. One thing, every day. Big or small. Read more about it here.

5. Be thankful

If you can’t come to appreciate what you already have, you will always be searching for something more. Be thankful and grateful for what you have right now. What you focus on will grow. So, find the good in what you already have and you will continue to find more to be thankful for.

6. Stay ready

Always be ready to go. Know that you are good enough and just be ready for any opportunity. For example, as far as MMA goes… I’ve learnt we – the fighters – never stop training. Even after fights, we never stop training; we just train differently. This ensures that we are always ready. It’s a new concept to me, as I use to take time off after fights and just disappear from the gym for… well, ever… but I like this a lot better. Just stay ready.

7. …but, relax.

With saying that you need to “stay ready” to be successful, you also need to take breaks and relax. What I mean is, yes put in your time and know that if opportunity knocked, you could answer it. But take breaks, and find ways to unwind and decompress. Don’t be wound up tight all the time. You’re health will diminish if you do, and then you surely won’t be ready. Find how to release stress and relax in a way that compliments and is proportionate to your “staying ready” lifestyle.

8. Game plans and timelines

Create a game plan with timelines by using SMART goals. What the heck are SMART goals? SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Write your goals out, in detail, and create a game plan around them. Use your OTD to work towards accomplishing the game plan, and then look at you… you’re well on your way. Giddy up.

9. Attitude

A positive attitude will take you further than a negative attitude will, plain and simple. Not to mention the fact that people would much rather work with, connect with, network with or promote someone with a good attitude. Find your inner optimistic superstar and then rock it, so you are worth being around.

10. Experience things

Life happens when we experience things. Get out there and live! With these experiences, comes wisdom. That alone is success, whether it was what you were aiming for or not. Sometimes the biggest win comes wrapped up in a form that we weren’t expecting and hoping for. Take it anyways.

And so I leave you with a quote…

“Anytime you think you’ve failed, you’ve only failed to see the compassionate lesson that you’ve brought to yourself. All you’ve really done is produced a result, actual failure is impossible.” ~ Jackson Kiddard

Hope that got your heart going…

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps,

McDooogs xoxo



  1. I absolutely LOVE that quote at the start of this, it fits exactly how I feel anymore Erin. For so long I’ve always heard “no, no, no” from certain people in my family, or “why do you wanna do that for?”. and similar comments. Basically anything foreign to them, anything dangerous, risky or something they just don’t understand, is dismissed as unattainable, stupid or crazy. For a long time I let them get to me, for some near 25 years (turn 25 in the fall) I let them hold me back from really doing what I wanted to do, convinced myself even that some of my ideas and goals were unrealistic. But not anymore. I am beginning to branch out and find my voice for the first time and it feels so good. I’m not letting anyone else tell me I can’t do something any longer. If I wanna walk 10 miles, then dammit I WILL walk 10 miles. If I wanna train in martial arts, learn to fight (something I just now am getting the courage to explore, never really imagined I ever would before but always had some curiosity towards it all in different ways, just suppressed it), I WILL do that. No matter what anyone else thinks I’m going to make my life mine, and prove to them and to myself that I can do so. They will all “watch me”.

  2. (high fives back) 🙂 you know I wrote something some time ago that sort of relates to all of this a bit, came out in a moment of inspiration. Usually how my best stuff is created lol. Feel free to share it if you like: It goes like this, I titled it I am me:

    “I am me. I am strong willed, stubborn, passionate and opinionated. I speak my mind, I will tell you exactly what I think and not be shy in doing so. What I believe in I stand by wholeheartedly. You may disagree, you may even hate me for saying it, but you aren’t gonna change it.

    I am me. I live my life by my own set of rules. I am not like you, I am not like everyone else. I have my own definition of what it means to be normal, regardless of what society thinks of that. I am a free spirit and always will be a free spirit, no matter what anyone else may think of me. The only person that will make me change that is me, and me alone.

    I am me. I have my own goals, my own visions, my own dreams of who I wish to become, and what direction I wish to take my life. It is mine to run, not anybody else’s, and I am going to live it my way, on my terms. What you wish me to be doesn’t necessarily matchup with what I do. I have my own path, and my own things that make me happy, and its that which I am going to follow. This life is too short to do anything other than that.

    I am me. I am not perfect, I have my flaws, and I have made my mistakes, but they have made me the person that I now am and will become. I am not ashamed of who I am any longer. I am who I am, and I am proud of who I am, and who I will be in the future. I have found my voice, and I am using it.

    I am me…..and that’s all I can ever be.”

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