Well, I dont have a lot to say today. Either that or I’m actually pretty boring and uncreative in general, and it’s  slowly starting to show. Right. We can only assume…

Anyways, let’s get to it.

– Counting down for our girl’s trip to Vegas… 12 more sleeps. So glad I have a girlfriend who works in travel and makes this doable. Lol 🙂 High five Steph, high five.

– UFC in Calgary this weekend. WAHOO! I’ll be there pretty much all week, training and socializing – if you are going as well, hit me up!

– My nephew told me his skin was ‘coming loose’… and I was laughed and said, “WHAT?” Then he showed me his sun burn and peeling skin. Lol …it was pretty cute.  Kids are so awesome.

– I’m instagraming the faaawk out of pictures lately. True story.

– Girlie thought, BUT I’m thinking of cutting my hair to be above my shoulders. Input?

– Sometimes my work outs end up looking like this:

Yes, I need to make THAT face in order to flex…

That’s right, I am that ridiculous. Alright. Carry on.

– Lastly, Jordan won his Strikeforce fight this past weekend. That kid is talented!

Have a great week everyone and as always, I’m sending love, hugs, and butt slaps your way 🙂



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