Another post about… nothing…

– The above picture craaaaaacks me up.

– I hate when my hand and/or arm falls asleep and goes numb when I’m sleeping. Whyyyyyy does this happen? It’s so annoying! There has got to be a scientific explanation for this. Help?

– This past weekend I trained with Sarah Kauffman. And by trained I mean, got completely rolled up and my ass kicked by one of the nicest girls in the business. Follow that up with some words of encouragement and tips from Sheila Bird and that adds up to a surreal afternoon. SO COOL.

– The Sun and Salsa festival was good… but the lines to get salsa were insane! So… I didn’t have any. That’s right, I went to a SALSA festival and didn’t taste any SALSA. I’m so lame. But I’m also a snob to lines. Especially long ones.

– Vegas this Sunday!

– I may have OD’d on Booster Juice smoothies in the last 5 days… way too many. My way of contributing to the economy, I guess.

– I need to get ZICO coconut water to sponsor me. I love that stuff so freaking much. If you ever want to buy me a present, ZICO will do perfectly.

Anywhooooo… thank you for letting me waste your time with my random nothingness. Lol Have a great week!

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…



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