Getting more awesomeness from life

Life is short. You need to squeeze all the juicy goodness out of it that you can.

Want to start? Sure you do. You’re so awesome like that. Here are a few things you can do, to start cleaning out the crap in your life to so you can make room for more awesomeness. Which, let’s just be honest here… it’s the awesomeness you deserve.

* Messy bed, messy head.

I read this phrase in a book once and it always stuck with me. “Messy bed, messy head.” What is it even getting at? Basically, have a “messy bed” or disorganized surroundings, you are more likely to have a “messy head” or a disorganized, messy life.  But, if you find or create order around you, then you are more likely to have order and peace in your mind.  Clean up.

* Mean friends

Anyone who is mean to you has no business or place in your life. Rid yourself of these people. If someone is cruel to you, they aren’t worth your time or efforts. Mean people are just victims of other mean people. Get out of the cycle. And I promise you, there ARE nice people out there, who won’t put you down, try to hurt you or make you feel little. Go be friends with THOSE people.

* Easy goals

Ditch the easy goals. Aim HIGHER! You are absolutely capable, so stopping selling yourself short.  And even if you fall short, there is no shame in that. Go big or go home. No one is impressed with how good your excuses are, as to why you aren’t aiming higher. Ditch the easy way out, and do what will challenge you. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. And that’s the point of life, right?

* Toxic relationships.

Just because two people are great, doesn’t mean they will be great together. “But he’s sucha awesome guy!” Yeah, I’m sure he is… but that doesn’t mean you two are an awesome couple. If someone isn’t constantly bringing out the best in you, say goodbye. You can love them from a distance, while you carry on with your kick ass life and find someone who makes you feel more than they make you think, laugh more than cry, and lift you up more than they bring you down.  You’re worth that, rock star. As an absolute minimum.

* Ridiculous expectations

Don’t allow other people to place silly, outrageous expectations on you. Do what you can do. Give your 100%, whatever your 100% looks like at that moment, and call it good. Allowing people to place unrealistic expectations on you is not fair… and it’s draining. Do what’s best for you, hot stuff. Wash your hands of anything else.

* The past

If you can let go of the past, you will free yourself from allowing it to ruin or control your future. Keep the lessons, let go of the experiences. Forgive. Move on. Make new memories. And leave the past where it should be… in the past! There is a kick ass, fun, FULL life waiting for you, if you would just join us. It includes countless great new friends, sunshiny happy days, loads of belly jiggling laughs and plenty of camera capturing worthy moments. Go there. Everyone’s waiting for you! I even heard talk of skinning dipping? Yup… get to it.

Bottom line? In order to fly, you have to let go of the shit that weighs you down. I hope this helps you take flight.

Sending love, hugs, and buttslaps…



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  1. Easy goals? How about winning the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am BJJ games? Going to the Pan-Ams has been my overarching goal since I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Other goals have appeared along the way, but like a long RPG, I set out originally to be the best Pan-American in my division.

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