– Last week was the loooooongest week of my life, I swear!

–  I didn’t take one single picture of food alllllllll week. Weird.

– And I even made a wicked batch of strawberry salsa. And no picture proof. Sad face.

– Speaking of that, I’m also showcasing major lazy qualities… seeing how some of y’all asked for the recipe on Facebook… aaaaaaand I have yet to post it on my blog. I will. Patience young grasshoppaaa.

– I just quoted a movie line from a movie I’ve never seen…

– Anywhoooooo, Carrying on. I am currently obsessed with “Take A little Ride” by Jason Aldean. I am repeating the shit out of it. Yes, I still in love Jason. That will never change. I pretend he is singing to me whenever I listen to him. If I ever have a big fight, for a big promotion, I’m going to start a twitter campaign to have him come watch it. Ha.

– Long weekends. They are zeeee best. Especially when spent in fun mountain towns, like Canmore.

– So, I didn’t go to Vegas remember? But the girls still went and had a great time. I stayed back. What did I do instead with my time? Trained. That’s all I ever do. I really hope to get to Vegas by the end of this year.

– Lastly, I can’t wait for The Walking Dead to start again. Sheesh, how much longer!?

Thanks for letting me waste your time. 🙂 Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…



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