Life isn’t happening TO you… It’s happening FOR you.

I know this might sound a little crazy… and ya know what, you may even find it a little insulting…. but what if your darkest hour or your greatest pain was sent to you as a gift? As an opportunity to learn … not only for yourself, but maybe also as an opportunity to help others learn, too?

I’m working with applying this idea to the things in my life that have caused me the deep sadness and heartache. And for some of the things, like say, break ups with boyfriends, I can definitely see how it could be gifts, opportunities and lessons. (Some of them, a mother f*cking lottery ticket! Haha… kidding… sorta…)

It’s a challenge. And it is a personal choice to see things this way, but I decided that’s a route I want to explore.

Maybe you could, too?

Think about something in your life that you would label a shit situation, or total crap. A complete game changer… Maybe it was a loss of a job for unfair reasons. Maybe your girlfriend or wife cheated on you. Maybe a friend that you trusted with every ounce of your being completely betrayed you…

Something. Anything. You have an experience. We all do.

Now, look at that crap. And as you examine it, ask yourself, “can I find a gift in it?”

I’m not claiming that there is. That’s up to you to decide. But I do want you to consider, even for a brief moment, that this pain or heartache could do something positive for you.

Think about it.

Maybe, if you pause long enough you could begin to realize that your moments of darkness were actually guides of light that is now in your life… Maybe each pain, and each struggle you’ve endured can begin to have a purpose or a reason…

Can you see your pain as gifts? Can you give your heartache new meaning?

The power of your life lies in your focus. It’s all the way YOU see things. You can’t change your past and what happened to you, but you can gain power by focusing on what you learnt, how you can move forward and what you can create from this point on.

If you can see that the pain brought you opportunities, lessons or gifts, then maybe you can see that life wasn’t doing that shitty situation TO you… but rather FOR you

I totally understand that this may be a hard pill to swollen. Heck, I am struggling myself with finding the “gifts” in some of my own bigger pain. Like, the loss of my BFF, Deirdre. I’m unsure of how to see that there is a gift in that…

But what if lessons and opportunities could be found in it? It will take time and healing before I see anything… but isn’t it worth looking at and considering? I can’t change what happened, as much as I would like to. But I can mold my pain into something different, to use in my future.

We all have experienced sadness and pain. How we differ, is what we do with it. It’s your pain; you get to decide.

Truly, I hope you find  or at least look for lessons, opportunities and growth, from anything you felt that slowed you down or made your world stop turning. You have the power to find it. Just start by making the choice to start looking.

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps….



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