Well obviously I’ve been super awesome busy this last little while, as I have hardly posted on my blog at all. Sorry about that folks. Although, I’m sort of convinced that no one really even noticed… does anyone even read these? Hello? *Echos..


Well! Regardless, this is what’s been going on…

– Did I tell you guys about the word “slip up” at my nephews birthday? I wanted and MEANT to call him “hommie” and the word “homo” came out instead. Ahhhhh WHY did this happen? So awful. All the adults killed themselves laughing. I was mortified. My nephew, he is four. FOUR! I called my four year old nephew a homo. Ugh. Shoot me now. I really do hope to have kids of my own one day. But after that, I suspect I will be forbidden by the baby gods. Sad face.

–  I took Danger swimming!!! Weeee! Not sure if he liked it but I think he did. I came to the conclusion that this has to be done with a man around. Like a big strong manly man. (Lol) cause I am too much of a baby to put Danger in the water… and… well, my manly man… was not.

– I made a “healthy” batch of muffins the other day… and then undid the healthy part by adding Peanut Butter to them. Something is wrong with me.

– Still obsessed with Jason Aldean. Yup. Nothing knew on that front.

As you can see, I’m still pretty boring. I blame it on being in fight camp.


Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…


McDooogs 🙂


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