Oh so good feelings…

How amazing does it feel when someone does something kind or thoughtful for you… like, out of the blue? SO GOOD right? What a kick ass feeling. I LOVE it.

What’s equally as awesome? Being on the other end of that… as in, being the GIVER, instead of the receiver.

To be totally honest, I think that once you start to give, and as you begin to do cool random acts of kindness for people, it becomes like an addiction. You get such a great feeling from it, a high if you will, that you just want to do it all the time. It’s like you start constantly looking for new ways to spread some oh so good feelings in order to feel some oh so good feelings yourself.

Or… at least that’s what I feel…

Today, I feel like sharing a few of the random acts of kindness… Just a few things you could do for someone else today, right now.

1. Plug parking meters with change

2. Take Thank you cards to patients giving blood

3. Bake someone cookies

4. Tape loose change to a public table, in say the food court or cafeteria, with a note that says, “Change is good; embrace it.”

5. Leave random and encouraging “love notes” in public bathrooms, like this one.

6. Pay an extra drop in fee at the gym or yoga studio for the next person who will need it

7. Pick up a bag of cat or dog food and take to the local pound.

8. Send a random “Thinking of you” note, wall post, tweet or letter to someone you love.

9. Shovel the snow, rack the leaves, or sweep the sidewalk for a neighbor.

10. Take donuts (Or Timbits!! If you are Canadian! Haha) to the local firehall.

Obviously there is tons more you could do. The possibilities are endless. All I hope to have done with this small list is to ignite a small spark in your mind and heart to go do something thoughtful and kind for someone else today.

It’ll feel so good. I promise.

With love and gratitude,



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