Sharing my randoms

So I don’t know if you’ve caught on… but being in fight camp pretty much means you have a boring and uneventful life.

I don’t technically HAVE a fight confirmed yet… but… it’s a matter of time, really. And I need to be ready.

So, that’s about all I have been up to lately…. training.

And more training.

Oh, and a bit of sleep here and there.

But mostly, just training.

Okay, I’m sure there is more… let me think.

Righto, here is my “excitement” from the last week…

– Pretty sure I did about 800 loads of laundry in that 7 day span. Yah. Super lame. Between towels, and sheets and training clothes and more training clothes… I probably washed every piece of underwear I own.

– Also, slightly obsessed with dried cranberries right now. This can’t be good. Is that even a healthy choice? Considering I want to eat it by the handful, and handful… and… handful… no, I doubt that it IS a healthy choice.

– Speaking of “healthy choices”… I wanted something sweet and carby soooooo bad when I was preparing to leave the grocery store the other day. So, on the way to the check out, I grabbed a bag of mini donuts. Don’t judge (…meh… actually, go ahead…) I opened this bag of mini donuts as soon as I got to the car. Aaaaaand proceeded to eat as many as I could until I drove to the edge of the parking lot, where – thankfully – there was a garbag can. I got OUT of my car, threw away the remaining mini donuts and drove off. Wow. I have issues.

– I melted the lid of my Nalgene water bottle right off, in what I would like to refer to as a tragic dishwasher accident. I had placed the water bottle on the bottom rack, and the lid and the little strappy part hung over into the bottom businessey area, and melted it away. Like, right to nothing but a hunk of plastic the size of two quarters were left. Man, we spent a lot of good quality years together… RIP Nalgene water bottle, RIP.

– ZzzzQuil… have you heard of this stuff? My new love.

Nothing too exciting right? Sorry. Welcome to my life in fight camp. :/ Please feel free to feel badly for me. No booze. No baking (or at least no binging). Nothing. Just training.

Sending love, hugs and butts slaps (while living vicariously through you…)



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  1. a breakdown of the training would be appreciated.
    I was sitting in the sauna for so long the other day that the strap to the lid on my water bottle developed perma limpnoodle syndrome. days later and it still won’t spring back, like I denatured the plastic or something.

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