Another week of randoms

I went out this weekend! Hooray!

Well… in all honesty… I kinda wasn’t given a choice. If I had things my way? I would of laid in bed and slept. Or watched Pretty Woman. That was on a lot last week.


So I went out. That was the big highlight of my week, basically. It was actually a lot of fun! Even though I didn’t really drink. As much as I wanted to get rowdy, I managed to keep it under control. High five to me.

Other than that? Not much. You guessed it… because of fight camp.

But! Here are some of the other random things going on in my life that maybe you want to waste your time finding out about. 😉

– When I was out on the weekend, I had a friend (male, American) tell me that what Canada is, to the United States… I laughed so hard at this. He said, “Ya know how a hot girl always has that one fat friend? That’s Canada.” LOL… Interesting…

– I managed to bruise pretty much my entire body last week. I took a incredibly good shit kicking. But what breaks me down, only builds me up stronger, right?

– I also got locked out of the house this weekend, and had to fit myself through the doggy door. Ha. Awesome. The only reason I knew I could do that? Because, Josh, who lives in the room down the hall from me,  ALSO had to fit himself thru the doggy door this week. And Josh is a big boy. He fights at 185. And the reason he knew that he could fit thru? My boyfriend, who fights at 205, ALSO had to crawl thru it at one point previous to all this. Sooooo… I knew I could squeeze in. Aren’t we a special group of crazys? Ha.

– I’m already sick of oatmeal.

– Jason Aldean? Yup, still love him.

That’s all I got. Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps…


McDooogs 🙂

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