My life as of lately… according to my iPhone camera

So I haven’t posted in awhile.

I have a decent excuse though… prepping for and winning my 4th mma fight. That’s a good excuse, eh? I’d like to think so.

Here are a few pictures from fight night and the week after. Please note the copious amounts of bad food and bar scenes that are going on. Rightooo.

* Cutting weight makes me skinny ** Fight night *** The response text/picture my cousin sent me after I texted her telling her I won my fight. Lol
* Post fight with the best coach ever. I love him. ** Post fight with Liz Carrera, helluva fighter, and she helped corner me! So cool 🙂 Thank you Liz! 
* Post fight party! My gentlemen ** Lucky man with us two hotties on his arm *** Myself and the lovely miss Kristen
* Love these two ** Checking out my already blacked up eye *** First bad meal: 4 am chocolate chip pancakes, thanks to iHop!
* My diet… ice cream, pizza, those dang pancakes and peanut butter. Um… no further comment. Where is the pictures of the booze you ask? Yah, why don’t you ask my drunk ass self, who got too drunk and was too busy drinking it to take pictures of it. Ugh. I’m sucha winner. :/
* Awesome bruise morning after the fight… Hung over but happy I won. ** All dressed up for round two *** Look at these three hotties! 
* Oh hi bruising ** Oh, looky here… more bruising. And a lot of swelling *** Okay enough of that shit. Here is a picture of… uhhh… golf clubs. This is my mans idea of heaven.
* Sweetest doggy at the garden center ** My pooch Danger chilling on the grass with me. What a funny hair cut he has. *** I may or may not have baked muffins Friday night. **** How I feel… jolly and happy but chubby as can be.

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