How I spent my summer vacation

It’s October 2nd today. Does that not seem bonkers to anyone else, other than me?

It’s madness.

Summer is long gone and fall is officially here. Waaaaa!!

I miss it already.

Last night, I was thinking about how super my summer was and all the things I got to do, the places I visited… man, I can’t believe my life sometimes. I really LOVE my life.

So, as I reflected back on all my freshly made new memories, it reminded me of my summer bucket list. Which, I will admit. I forgot about from time to time during the last few months… Ha. Opps.

Being awesome can have many side effects. One being forgetfulness. I suffer from that from time to time.


In case you have no interest on going back and actually reading my original list, I will recap for you. Basically, I really just wanted to find more balance this summer; my goal was to have fun while training. Not to be always and only training. Training is hard. And the lifestyle, at it’s purest, sucks. You can’t eat bad, or drink or avoid things like sprints and other hellish fight-related stuff. I decided I needed to train and be consistent, while having FUN. Both, in balance.

I think I did okay with this goal. I did some fun things, spent a lot of time with the people I love, all while training consistently. I even ended the summer off in fight camp prepping to scrap again. All in all, I say I did pretty good.

Curious as to what I got up to? Check it out.

* My summer kicked off in Albuquerque, New Mexico… where I was living and prepping for my third MMA fight. AWESOME. How many fighters can say they did that? 🙂

* I had a long over due girls weekend with the ladies… we bailed out of our dry prairie city and carried on up the highway to the busier, better city of Calgary. Good times. Many laughs. Too many drinks. One awful hangover.

Girls night

* I attended the Sun and Salsa Festival. It was a great day spent in the sun with two ladies that I love! I didn’t even binge on salsa. How strange…

* I drank a lot of wine. Like, a lot. I think every week I was trying a new bottle. This makes me sound like a lush. I’m okay with that.

* I hiked my little butt off, played tour guide for my american love, drove up to and watched the MFC in Edmonton, aaaand attended UFC in Calgary when they were in town. A lot of awesomeness here. And a lot of visits/social time with some of the coolest cats I know. I can’t believe the quality of folks in my life sometimes. Like, seriously. I know some freaking amazing people.

Hike in Canmore

* I spent a good amount of time in the sun… I may have even gotten a tan. GASP! Yup, my poor white body browned up a bit. I also FINALLY took my dog swimming, I laid in the lawn chair as lazy as could be any chance I had, I did some gardening in my mamas garden and BBQ’d a ton with my super rad family….

* I also spent a nice chunk of time in the kitchen… every weekend I tried a new recipe. DAMN I had fun, too.  You can find all of my to die for sexy dishes in this section of my blog. Oh so yummy. I still dream about the Cookie Kahlua milkshake. Good gawd.

* Like I said, I ended the summer in fight camp… I fought for King Of The Cage in Tulsa Oklahoma and improved my record to 3 – 1. Not too shabby.

Best coach evaaaah

The things I didn’t get to do that I said I would? Watch the sunrise and set, take a vineyard tour, sleep out under the stars, and participate in a fundraiser run. Dammit. Those are all gooders too.

My awesomeness dial just got turned down a little, didn’t it?

Shoot. Maybe next summer?

Regardless, I had a kick ass time and made loads of great new memories. I hope you all had a fan-freaking-tasic summer, too. Here’s to fall and all that it brings! Like Pumpkin spice everything. Good gawd. Have you seeeeeeeeen the pumpkin muffins I’ve been raving about? I’m hoping I O.D. on them soon, so I can just stop craving and eating them…

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps



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