I am grateful! Day 1: Danger

I’ve decided I want to do a little grateful project…

For 30 straight days, I will post on this blog everyday something that I am grateful for. For me, it feels good to share and acknowledge the blessings in my life. Plus, it’s kinda cool for you guys, to see what it is in my life that makes it whole.

And so! Day one of my grateful project. I introduce to you… Mr Danger.

You’ve probably already heard me talk about my dog Danger on this blog, on Facebook and Twitter . He is a big part of my life. I get asked quite often what kind of dog he is… as Danger is a cute little rascal that many people aren’t familiar with or recognize. He is a pure bred Havanese pup. The Havanese breed are known to be natural companion dogs… very gentle and responsive. They are famous for becoming very attached to their human families (as Danger surely is!!) and are very affectionate, social and playful dogs.

If I’m working on my computer in my room, he is laying on the bed, snoring away. If I’m on the couch, he is laying near by, cuddled up in whatever blankets or laundry he can snuggle into. When I come home from training, he is always at the door to greet me. I just love this sh*t out of this dog.


I remember when I first was researching to get a puppy, about three or more years ago. I told my dad my plans of purchasing a little companion, for the love and company. His response? “Get a boyfriend.” Ha. That still makes me laugh. My dad and Danger are now best buds, though. Sometimes, I think Danger loves him more than ME! But Danger just loves everyone. 🙂

There you have it, folks. Mr Danger. He is kicking off my 30 days of grateful posts.

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps…



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