I am grateful! Day 3: The Populess

How many different forms can awesome take?


In this case, it comes in the form of people in my community, going after their goals and showing love to others along the way.

This is Populess.

“We support a community of passionate, talent-filled individuals who are dedicated to creative expression and positive living. We believe that their passion and inspiration mustn’t go unrecognized, so we are honoured to feature humble individuals and call them our friends, or The Populess.”

Now, this might come across as a sales pitch or something. But I assure you it’s not.

What it is however, is a shout out to a company who has shown me plenty of love, support and generosity, and who have never asked for a single word, statement or favor in return.

How can you NOT feel grateful for people like this?

Cam is my main dude at Populess. He is so generous and kind, always throwing me free hoodies, t-shirts, hats or long sleeves. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

But truly, my gratitude goes beyond the free goodies.

This post is about gratitude I feel when I think that there really are good hearted people out there, going after their dreams and believing that they don’t have to crush or pull other people down along the way, to be successful…

…It’s about the gratitude I feel when I think that someone who owes me nothing, takes the time out of their busy day to hook me up with product; product that they could just as easily sell….

…It’s about the gratitude I feel for the support from folks in my community who are building their brand with respect and honorable values.


So even though the gifts are amazing, it’s definitely not what it’s all about.

While I’m expressing my gratitude for Cam and the folks at Populess, I thought I would show you some of their awesome stuff via good ol’ McDooogs Random Rockstar Bathroom Photoshoot style. 🙂

And hopefully one day you’ll see their logo somewhere, and you’ll recall this blog and the Grateful Project, and you’ll think to yourself, “Man, there is that company that supported and loved people like McDooogs, and who never asked for anything in return… and look how big they are now. That’s awesome. Good things do come to those who give.”

Thank you Populess, for all the love and goodies.

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps…



PS! Sidenote to my readers: if you are interested in finding out more, you can check out the Populess website here.

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