I am grateful! Day 9: Coffee anyone?

Day 9 of 30 of the Grateful Project!

Coffee anyone?

Yes, I know… Starbucks is overpriced, snobby and far too trendy. But to me, it’s tasty. And it happens to be what I’m drinking riiiiiiiight now. Which is why it was so easy to just snap a picture of my cup and get to sharing on zee blog.

By the way, my post isn’t about my gratitude for Starbucks; it’s actually just for my love of coffee, in general.

I do love me some caffeine and am grateful for my opportunity to drink it, gift it or buy it, if I’m craving or needing some. 🙂

Sending love, hugs, buttslaps… and ZING… coffee jitters…



1 Comment

  1. you didn’t give coffee up last year alongside eatinbreatheout??
    on a more serious note, as an athlete, do you use coffee to meet goals or is it just recreation? Do you use it preworkout? do you cycle off caffeine to avoid building stim tolerance? I am interested 🙂

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