I am grateful! Day 10: Surprise gifts!

So, today is day 10 of the Grateful Project.

But really, it should be day 11, and yesterday should have been day 10. BUT… this little thing happened on day 9… where I went out that night, drinking, and ended up getting totally wrecked. I drank way too much, and spent all day yesterday – yes, like literally ALL DAY – in bed. There was no way I was getting to my computer to blog. I could barely make it to the kitchen for water.

You should feel bad for me. 😦

Just kidding. It is totally my fault and I take full responsibility. And I’m just glad that I experienced this lesson hard enough to know damn well that I won’t be drinking and partying like that again for a loooooong time!

So, today is day 10. instead of day 11. Rightooo.

Regardless! There is always something to be thankful and grateful for! And on to it, shall we?

Friday night, before all of my shenanigans started… I got a surprise gift! My boyfriend bought me a t-shirt, of his favorite college football team and had it sent right to the house, as a surprise. How thoughtful is that, right?

Well I thought it was. He’s pretty awesome. And now, I can match up with him on those crazy football days. I’ll actually look like I know what’s up. 😉

Little gifts and things like this, to let you know that you are being thought of by someone else, well… those surprises are the best.

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps…



My new shirt. 🙂 Thanks Bf. 🙂

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