I am grateful! Day 11: Family

Day 11 calls for some serious gratitude.

Today, I am giving a shout out to my family!

The McDougall Clan is pretty awesome. I am so grateful to be apart of sucha fun, supportive, diverse, and loving family. In fact, I honestly can’t imagine where I would be with out them…

I’ve always said that if you don’t believe in superheroes, then you haven’t met my mom and dad. They are, to the very definition, nothing short of amazing superheroes. And my siblings? Frigg man, how can you be offspring of superheroes and also not be equally freaking amazing? They are so damn cool and awesome to boot. There are four of us, and they have each have gone off and married other really rad people, and/or brought in to this world some little rad offspring of their own. So basically, I am surrounded by awesomeness.

Little nephews and niece 🙂

This christmas, will be the first since my baby sisters wedding 1.5 years ago, that we will ALL together again. Kids, couples, and Ma and Pa McDooogs. (Which means this Christmas will be a hella good time and I’ll probably have all sorts of shenanigans to show and tell about, during and after. Can’t wait. 😉 )

And so, day 11 of 30 of the Grateful Project is all about gratitude for my family. I just love ’em.

Sending love, hugs, and buttslaps…



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