I am grateful! Day 12: Comfy moccasins

So you know how old men wear slippers in the house, like all the time?

That’s me.

Sort of.

Except the part about me being an old man.

And it’s actually moccasins that I wear, not slippers.

Basically, I freaking love my moccasins and wear them all the time when I’m inside. I geek out for these things.

There was a time when I would wear them outside as well, out and about. Like, for instance… I was in Vegas once, cruising around the casino in my moccasins, my yoga pants and a t-shirt that read, “Spiritual Gangster.” Holy cow. Can you say out of place? Next to all the super hot Vegas women in tiny tight dresses and big ass stripper heals? Yeah. I probably looked hilarious. And by hilarious, I obviously mean awesome.

Those days are over. My moccasins are too special for that comparison. They since have become strictly inside footwear. Footwear that I freaking love. In fact, I love them so flipping much that they are day 12 of 30 of my Grateful Project. Yaaah baby. Giddy up.

I’m too sexy for my tights…too sexy for my tights…
I’m too sexy for my jeans, too sexy for my jeans… (I hope you get that song playing in your head…)
Special feet.

Sending love, hugs and buttslaps…



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