I am grateful! Day 13: breakfast is served.

Day 13 of 30! Woo!

Today, I am sharing my gratitude and love for breakfast.

But not just any breakfast…

I’m talking the kind of breakfast you don’t have to make yourself. Win!

Normally, my breakfast is made by me, and it’s something ubber shitty, like oatmeal. Hello fighters lifestyle. But sometimes… SOMETIMES, breakfast is made FOR me. And it’s practically like eating candy. Not that it tastes like that, but it’s a total jackpot, cause it’s made specifically for me. And usually will have lots of cheese. Or Salsa. Or some other ridiculously awesome addition that typically doesn’t accompany plain old oatmeal.

This morning the bf gently woke me up from my sleep and said, “breakfast is ready.”

Best three words ever.


Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…



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