I am grateful! Day 15: When I can help

Today, it’s all about sharing. And how good it feels to be able to share when needed.

Day 15 of 30 of the Gratitude project is about my gratitude for sharing, in a round about way… but I’m also going use it as a little information piece.

If I can ever help spread a message along for my friends, then I’m going to do it. In this case, I also hope to help get the attention of a very special woman known to the world as Oprah.

Word is that Miss Oprah herself will be visiting the good old city of Calgary, AB thanks to a speaking engagement, on January 22, 2013. How awesome will that be? Dress warm, O!

My beautiful friend Kelli, lives Oprah. Think of all that Miss O is known for… her deep faith in gratitude, spreading love and random acts of kindness, and not to mention, making a difference in the lives of those around her, no matter the size of the impact.

Kelli lives this. I know this first hand, obviously, because she is my kick ass friend and I tend to hang out with pretty dope people. 😉 If I get down on myself, and I am feeling bummed out about something, Kelli will make me list ten things that I am grateful for or ten things that I like about myself. Talk about a positive ray of sunshine! As we know Oprah does, Kelli also encourages positive self-talk and self-confidence.

This upbeat outlook on life that miss Kelli believes in and lives, is encouraged everyday to her students at the Aveda Institute Calgary. As the director there, Kelli has a direct impact on these students lives everyday. She chooses to continually be a positive impact, by creating and supporting an environment where students share their “gratefuls,” random acts of kindness and uplifting messages to each other, daily.

So, how is my girl Kelli and Miss Oprah connected, beyond both being totally lovable and awesome? I bet you’re wondering, what’s going on here…

Rightoooo. I got you.

Kelli, along with all her folks at the Aveda Institute Calgary, who LIVE Oprah, have declared January 22, Oprah Day. This is their way of taking the opportunity to “give back” to the less fortunate women of Calgary, in the spirit of this iconic woman when she visits the city. Invited to the event are organizations such as YWCA, Inn from the Cold, and Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

“This event will be the epitome of all she teaches the public to be,” my girl Kelli says.   Beauty stations will be set up at the event and will include hair, make up, massages, facials, and nails.  Gifts for the women in attendance will include clothing, grocery vouchers, and other necessary items.  Volunteers will provide beauty and personal care services, a self-esteem building workshop, gifts, food, refreshments and much more to the women who attend Oprah Day at the Aveda Institute on January 22. The students are hopeful that Miss O will make an appearance to witness her influence on the students, as well as to accept a gift on behalf of her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Students, from the Aveda students.

Amazing right?

I’m pretty stoked to call miss Kelli a friend of mine, as she influences, plans and prepares for this wonderful event. The students of Aveda Insititue Calgary would like to get Oprahs attention, to let her know about all that they are up to. So, any form of sharing will be greatly appreciated! Maybe you can share this blog, tweet Oprah and her posse, spread the word… any effort, large or small will be appreciate. If you would like more information or if you work with the media would like to schedule an interview please contact Kelli Ennis at kelli.ennis@collega.com or 403 264 5053 x 4.

Sending love, hugs, and buttslasps…



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