I am grateful! Day 16: Awesome blogs

The Grateful Project is over half done. Crazy. Today is day 16 of 30.

For this post, I would like to share appreciation and gratitude for a few other blogs I read, creep or check up on, pretty much daily.

There are so many different blogs out there, and these blogs are a way people express their creativity and uniqueness. I love following these peeps, most of who I have never met! But I am always inspired by their self expression, talents and flair.

1. The Novice Chef Blog – I follow a few food blogs… and by a few, I mean like, a ton. But I can’t list them all now can I? So, here is one that I love. Sweet treats and yummy real meals. And give-aways! Who doesn’t love that?

2. vialin – This is where I creep on and try to imagine myself more fashionable. Sometimes I try to copy her looks, and most times I fail miserably. If nothing, Lin is beautiful to look at, her fashion/outfits are awesome and she just comes across so sweet on her blog. Check it out.

3. Eat in Breathe out – I may be a little biased, because this is my sisters blog. But let’s just be honest. She is awesome and therefor you should need no other reason to trust that you need to have a looky.

4. Rockstar diaries – I have no idea who this family is but I love to creep on their daily life. And I’m always so impressed with the quality of their awesome photos. They make normal stuff seem so cool.

So, there you have it! Just a few blogs I love, and am grateful for. I love that these beauties put themselves out there, because I know it’s not easy. You give up privacy and time… you can be targeted by readers who feel justified in ripping a strip off you if you “mess up” in some way, or just simply write something they don’t agree with… it’s not always easy to creatively share yourself to the whole internet world. But I’m glad these folks – and the other blogs I follow – do. I love their talents and all around awesomeness.

If you have any suggestions on other blogs I should check out, please let me know! I love finding new treasures and would be stoked if you share them. 🙂

Sending love, hugs, and buttslaps…






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