I am grateful! Day 20: iPhones Cameras

Day 20 of my Grateful Project might seem a little silly. It’s my love and gratefulness for my iPhone camera.


I know, I know. Kind of a materialistic statement.

But this sucker allows me to capture pictures all the time, cause my phone is always with me. So, if my pooch Danger is doing something adorable, if my nephews are making me laugh at, or if I just want a picture to capture them “moment” out with friends, I have my phone, and therefore I have my camera.

I can save the moment, and that is pretty special to be able to go back and look at.

Here are a few of my favorite iPhone pictures, from the year.

January 2012, I was in RIO!
An amazing Brazilian sunrise.
Ice cream with the nephews.
On a freaking mountain top, baby.
Post fight with my two awesome cornermen.
* Beautiful day at the lake

* Dusty and I ❤
Me and my cuzzz
I love this pic

Well, there you have it. I get so much use out of my iPhone camera, it’s not even funny.

Side note: it’s hard to just pick a handful of the best pictures from my iPhone photos; there are so many good ones! But hope you enjoyed the ones I have shared.

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps…