I am grateful! Day 23: Life changing books

A bit more of a serious post today, folks. Day 23 of the grateful project is going to go a little deeper than cookies, peanut butter and coffee.

A couple years ago, I had hit a point in my life where I was just ready for something to happen. Anything. I was open to change, in whatever form it needed to come in. I think, deep down, I knew that I needed to change, and I began looking for ways to make it happen. I just wanted to be happy. Peaceful. Fulfilled. And at this point in time, I wasn’t really, at all.

I stumbled upon the book, “You Can Heal Your LIfe” by Louise Hay. It was listed in a recommended reading list at a back of another book, that I do not recall. There was countless books listed, but for some reason this one stood out to me.

I went to my school library almost immediately and searched. Sure enough… I found it.

I began reading it and it was exactly what I needed. It changed my path and turned my whole world upside down. The way I thought about life would never be the same.

Soon after borrowing it from the library, I went out and bought myself my own copy. Since that day, way back in 2008, I have reread it multiple times, highlighted and underlined the fawk out of it, purchased it as gifts, loaned it to friends and family, and recommended it more times than I can count. This book changed my life. And it continues to.

Louise Hay has become some what of a guru to me. I own many books written by her now, including audio tapes that I play over and over on my iPod. I follow her stuff on Facebook, subscribe to her news letters… anything I can do to learn from her.

So, today I just want to say thank you to the Universe for leading me to that book and to Louise Hay, way back when. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have since gained from it, and the consciousness and wisdom that I continue to seek out because of it. Louise Hay changed my life. I wish I could meet her and thank her for that.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…




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