I am grateful! Day 26: found photographs

With technology these days, (yes… I just said “these days” implying that I am older than fossil rocks) it is easy to just keep all your photos out in cyber space. You upload them from your phone, and save them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter… and they are just out there… somewhere. Then, you “click” when you want to see them. Poof! They appear.

I found a stack of photos this summer, that I didn’t even know I had. Photos I must of printed off, to put in frames or up where I would see them often. Most of the pictures were of my late BFF.

It was such a treat finding them. I looked at each photo, one at a time and recalled the moment that went a long with it. It was a pretty surreal experience…. having these memories in my hands, as opposed to clicking thru them on Facebook. It just made them seem so much more real.

The post for the 26th day of the Grateful Project is my gratefulness to these found photos. And not just the photos, but of course also the memories that go along with them.

They make the past seem not so far gone.


Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…



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