I am grateful! Day 29: those fighters…

Sometimes, when people call me a “fighter” I giggle a little a bit in my head.

I just think to myself, “omg if you only knew. I’m so not a fighter. Athletic? Yes. A fighter? I dunno ’bout that.”

But then, I have these awesome, talented, fighter friends who insist, “yes, Erin, you too are a fighter.”

Here’s where things get cool.

These fighters I am speaking of? They are actually role models and leaders, in my eyes. People who I look up to, immensely. Guys who have made a living at fighting full time… guys who have traveled the world and fought internationally… Who have won awards, coached teams and wooed fans with their talents and personalities.

When these people tell me that I fit into the same group as them, it feels pretty flattering.

I just admire and respect these guys so much. They offer me knowledge and assistance, knowing that in doing so, my journey could be a little bit easier, smoother or quicker to grow, in comparison to what they had to endure to succeed… It’s truly an honour to be in their presence.

Not to mention, the light that they shine on fighting when I get stressed out about it. “It’s just a sporting event,” they remind me. Right. It is just a sporting event. Not life or death. Sometimes, I just need someone who has been there a millions times before, and who has survived each time, to remind me that I can and will survive, too. And that having fun is the main goal.

So, day of 29 of 30 of the Grateful Project is my shout out and love for the gratitude I feel towards these role models in my life. For their guidance, their wisdom, humor and precious time. For all that they share with me, and help me with. Not only am I a better fighter because of them, but with out a doubt, a better person.

With much love and gratitude for these heros…



* I'm so mean!



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