It’s okay to be proud of yourself


How often do we just reflect on something we’ve done and say, “holy horses, I did really great there. Hooray to me! Everybody! Look what I did!”

It’s not very often that we high-five ourselves, look for high-fives from others and be innocently proud of a well-deserved accomplishment.

It seems as though society shuns this attitude. Society wants us to be quiet and humble. “Being proud of yourself!? Shush child, that is rude! Don’t be so in love with yourself!”


When did we make that okay for us? When did accomplishing a goal or changing a behavior for the better become something we need to whisper about?

Maybe, you’re like me. Well… maybe you’re like the “once upon a time” me.  Maybe, like the old me, you think you can’t be proud of yourself. Like, there is just no way that you can do that. In fact, you actually have to be hard on yourself. Continuously and purposefully. I mean, SOMEONE has to belittle me to make me work harder and do more… right? How, I use to wonder, can being proud of myself motivate me to do more, in the ways that being hard on myself does? I’ll never get anything done if I’m always satisfied with myself…

I actually use to think this way. A few years ago, at a self-betterment seminar I remember the facilitator asking, in what way was being hard on ourselves serving us? How was this choice and act making life easier or better? I remember thinking, “Oh I got you there, coach…  tell me then, how will I reach my goals, if I don’t rag on myself to get there?”

The facilitator suggested instead we try being nice to ourselves as a way of encouragement. “Try being proud of yourself for all that you’ve done and or are doing. Try talking nicely to yourself and see how that changes things and how much more you will be able to do.”


That didn’t sit right with me.

But, thankfully, I’ve come to realize that being a douche to myself does not get me to reach my goals any faster. It actually just makes me feel bad.  And, really flippin’ sad. That’s all. It doesn’t speed me up, motivate me, and drive me to be better, like I use to think. It actually only ever did the opposite.

But when I actually choose to love on myself? When I’m actually proud of my accomplishments and my behavior? Now, that feels good. That is when I feel motivated to do more and achieve more.

It is okay to be proud of our selves. Tell yourself you do awesome when you do! Heck, tell yourself you do okay, even when you don’t think that you do. This is a hard lesson.

But I can promise you this… if you do it, you will feel better. It makes more sense to be encouraging. There’s less clashing, and more flowing… less noise and more trippy buzz… less panic and pain and more peace and love…

We can accomplish so much more if we are being our own cheering section, rather than a joining the darkness of the nasty critics. Trust me when I tell you that there are enough haters and jerks out there, wanting to see you fail. Don’t join them by giving up a free place to rent in your head or heart. Reserve that space for high-fives and love. Tap into that space when you need a reminder to feel good about yourself, when you have something, no matter the size, to be proud of…

When you do awesome, do the world a favor and be awesome, by being proud of yourself.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps… AND high-fives!




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