Holidays 2013: Twelve Days Of Kindness… part 3

I’ve been a little bit behind on sharing my 12 days of Kindness project!

I guess this season will do that to a girl… busy, busy, busy…

Here is days nine, ten, eleven, and twelve! Enjoy. 🙂

photo 5-2Giving to the local food bank

photo 4-2

Placing Christmas cards on the cars at the parking lot

photo 3-3

Treats for a stranger

photo 2-4Myself, mom and Mira before we left THIS note…

photo 1-2

Buying breakfast for an elderly couple

Yes, we realize diners is spelt wrong. Excitement and giddiness can do that to a girl. I didn’t notice until after it was pointed out to us by multiple critics on Facebook. Goes to show, those who are not doing it will always find a way to criticize those who are. I mean, they missed the whole point of the good deed because they focused on a fault! Ah well. We still had fun doing this. It was by far my favorite of the 12. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! I’m back with it again next Christmas… but of course you don’t have to wait for Christmas to do random acts of kindness.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps… stay warm!


Love McDooogs


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