Sharing your message


Just an idea: for every negative post you share about helpless animals being beaten or religious leaders killing innocent people – consider making at least one positive post to follow. Maybe the opposite of what you just posted, such as a stray animal finding a good home. I understand that by “sharing” negative stuff it can bring awareness to what is happening in our world, but it also feeds fear. It scares some people into turning away. Think of how many videos have you scrolled past on Facebook about, let’s say an animal being beaten, but you refused to watch the video because it hurts you. The average person must ask themselves, “has that message fuelled a change in me?” For most people the answer is no… if it hurts to look at it, we tend to look away from it. Therefore, no change created.

A lot of the great change that has taken place on earth was change that was inspired or fuelled by something “positive.” Of all the amazing leaders in history – MLK, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, all the names that stand out – do you believe any of them would have had the success they did creating change and encouraging peace by following a path that was heavily infused with fear? I don’t believe they would have. A less fearful and more loving path seems to create a stronger movement and change that is substantial and permanent.

If you want people to be aware of the nasty stuff going on, I applaud your awaken state. To live in awareness to what is really happening in our communities takes courage. But I also think if you live in that state of awareness, you have a duty to lead others to that place, as well. And in my mind, a truly great leader leads in a way that doesn’t grow fear, anger or hate, but rather opens peoples hearts in a compassionate manner, that moves them to make long-lasting life change. Finding a loving way to share our messages is the real way to creating momentum to changing in the world.

Like I said, it’s just an idea.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps




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