Going after your dreams… to begin or not to begin. To be helped or not be helped?


Tell me, what is one of your dreams?

What is it that you want to start doing… whether it is big, medium or small? What is it that you would like to begin, but you just haven’t yet?

Yesterday, I was offered up this lovely piece of advice: when we have a dream, we need to share our idea out loud with others. Not only because it makes us accountable to begin the process and try, but also because it makes us helpable. Who can lend you a helping hand, if they don’t even know you might need it?

It is okay to want to do things on your own, without help. Or heck, maybe you’re like me in the sense that you think you need to figure it out first, or at least some of it, before you start saying it’s something you want to do, or before you start asking for help with the task.

I think that this waiting game, this solo game of “me all by myself” is done out of fear. I mean, failing quietly by myself feels like a lighter load to bear than failing loudly and having everyone know about the catastrophe. It doesn’t hurt so much if I fail alone, right? RIGHT????

That might be true. But it also might be true that that is a load of crap.

This is my current challenge. One of many mental battles in which I play with myself. But, I’m beginning to recognize and come to grips with questioning why, in the first place, am I even thinking of failing. Why is that a possibility before I have even begun?

Instead, why am I not considering all the reasons that it could work out, rather than all the reasons why it could fail?

Some of those super humans will never have a flash of doubt or a waiver of confidence at all, in their challenges. Ahem, Ronda Rousey, anybody? But, some of us have to work a little bit more at it. For us regular, but equally wonderful folks, it takes a bit more of a conscious effort for us to keep the mind on course and out of the dirty-mucky-energy-sucking thoughts.

Seriously. Don’t get sucked into thinking about failing at what you want to do, before you even begin the process. Think and focus on what reasons that your dream – that awesome, bad ass shit that you only can do – will work out. And then share with others what you want to go after. Become accountable to BEGIN! From there, allow yourself to be on a platform to be helped.

Let’s just get over this hurdle right now, because I know it’s crossing some of your minds. Putting your dream out there for the possibility to be helped doesn’t mean that you are asking for someone to do all the hard work for you.

Being helpable doesn’t have to mean that someone literally and physically helps you do it. Allowing help could be as subtle as an encouraging word from someone who has gone after what you are trying to do. It could be a friend of a friend who knows a contact of someone else who wants to sponsor an individual going for what you are dreaming of. Are you asking for help? Not really. But can you receive anyway? Hell yes you can. Why not?

Help can even mean someone declaring and lovingly demanding that you allow them be your place to fall for support, when you need someone to listen to the struggle. If you can have this, why wouldn’t you? But will you know you have it, unless you admit that you are going after your dream in the first place?

Know this: failing quietly or loudly doesn’t change the fact that you went for something. That you tried. And if you try and just go for it, then hell yeah. Good for you! Go after your dreams and allow the help to be there for you.

Help doesn’t have to be negative and it doesn’t have to mean weakness, day-dreamer. Go on. Share what you want to do in your life, and be open to allowing the help to flow in, in whatever form it takes. Let it add to your dreams so your dreams become your reality.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…





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