Choosing your thoughts… Just do it.

“If you can change your thinking, you can change your life.”

That is a powerful and loaded idea, isn’t it? Is this that whole, ‘positive thinking crap’ that people have overdosed on ever since “The Secret?’

Well, not really.

The idea change your thinking and change your life, is just about gaining more control over what it is that you can control.

Not everything is going to be in your control to change or manipulate. But how you think about that particular situation is always going to be in your control. So why not control it to be in your favor, in a way that will help you feel better, feel less stress, judgmental or hateful?

For example, let’s pretend some dude goes flying by you on the road, driving way too fast, cutting you off as if flies through traffic. It happens. One thought could be, “wow what an asshole. Learn how to drive, loser!” or the other thought could be that something bad has happened, like maybe his child was just in an accident, and he is hauling ass to get to the hospital, to be by his kids side. Maybe instead of cursing him as he flies by, you instead choose to wish him safety and peace to get where he needs to go safely. Both scenarios of cursing or blessing are YOUR choice. These are your thoughts, and these are things you can choose.

By consistently choosing thoughts to be more loving, hopeful, peaceful or kind, your thought pattern will begin to become more of the same. It will become habit to think like that. This is life changing.

Choosing your thoughts, even if it takes some work and practice, is empowering. You are taking control of your life! You are thinking thoughts that make you happier, more compassionate and healthier.

Chapter two of Life Loves You works through the ideas and reasoning of consciously becoming aware of what you think. We might think some thought automatically, such as, “what an asshole driver he is.” But as soon as we hit that point, if we then can notice that we thought that less than great thought, then we can then easily change it to something more loving and compassionate. It is all our power, our choice.

Sometimes, I am really great at this. But, let’s not be fooled! Life can be pretty overwhelming at times, and it’s easy, fast and natural to default to “why me?!” Nobody is perfect. If you slip up and think less than kind thoughts, just know it is okay! Don’t beat yourself up for it. Just choose differently, right then and there. That’s the moment that really counts anyways. Not what happened in the past, even if the past is just 5 seconds ago.

A thought is just a thought… it can be changed! It is not written in stone as soon as we think it. We have the power to choose something else! If we practice something we become better at it. This doesn’t exclude thinking. Practice choosing your thoughts instead of just reacting with them. Your life will become so much easier!

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…




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